World’s Best Places to Visit

World’s Best Places to Visit

To help you choose where to go on your next vacation, U.S. News pulled together a list of popular destinations based on the recommendations of trusted travel experts and used the opinions of thousands of travelers to narrow the scope.

Save the planet while doing it

1. Use alternative automobiles – Bicycles, electrical cars, public transportation

2. Using as less as possible in terms of fuel – avoid rush hours (standing in traffic burns more gas).

3. Using smart route planners – Use Waze, or other GPS system which operate according to traffic to save time on the road and therefore save gas, make sure to check an option for multiple location route planners which offers several stops if needed and not only A to B plan.

4. Car pooling – Share your ride with others to avoid using several cars, saves a lot of money and time as well as the environment.

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