How video can change your whole prespective on traffic to your website

Video testimonials

For many years I was studying the effects of certain contents on traffic and lead generation on my websites and others, I read all the researches there is to read and it made me come to several important conclusions which I will share in this specific post. The headline my suggest where I am going with this.

quality of content makes a big difference in quality of traffic

Even without reading the researches I read and the experiments I did it is easy to understand that poor quality content will lead to poor traffic and low quality leads, the intention behind the content will be the outcome of it. Poor quality will lead to poor quality, High quality content will lead to better engagement, better traffic and as an outcome better quality leads.

Tips to know if your creating High quality content:

  • Is there any real value for the reader?
  • is it innovative and gives new information?
  • Is it based on real data?
  • Is it written for specific audiences?
  • Does it have high quality visuals in it? (Video, Images, Infographics)
  • Is the content unique for your website?

The importance of diversity when creating online content

It is very important to diversify when creating content for your website or other websites, you should consider creating unique high quality, high value content, here are the major contents you need to create.

  1. Video content
  2. Infographics and image content
  3. high quality articles (case studies, guides, presentations, Tips)

Video content

Video content is the most viewable, shareable and get the best engagement out of all the other content you may create, it is also with higher costs. Creating high quality video content demands certain gear, editing hours and good presenter. The most cost effective content has to be video when it comes to long term value of a single video, if done correctly. Here are some Examples for Good video content.

make sure you read the guide on video testimonials: 5 Ways Video Testimonials Can Help Grow Your Business

Infographics and Image content

Good high quality content makes the audience click it, images and high quality visuals do the trick. The food industry for examples uses high quality photos and close ups of food to make you buy it and it works, even online websites like mindbodygreen and eatingwell are using great high quality image on every each articles, because most of them will be shared on pinterest, facebook and twitter.

Examples for Good infographics






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