In the beginning there were 12 Byzantine Rulers: Lars Brownworth speaks candidly about podcasting, Justinian and history.

Rearview Mirror


From humble beginnings, Lars Brownworth love for history would in my opinion revolutionize how we learn and in fact even teach history today. In a world gone mad in this digital age, one lonely night I was scrolling the internet looking for material to read about the Byzantine Empire when I discovered a link to an itunes podcast. Intrigued I listened to the introduction of 12 Byzantine Rulers and was immediately hooked. It was an absolutely refreshing way to introduce a long forgotten empire to a new audience. Young or old, whether you are a novice or an experienced historian, what Lars had created for us all was energetic and thrilling. It made me even dust of the cobwebs of my first Byzantine history books, that I had tucked away in my home library to rediscover more. While Lars didn’t invent podcasting, he had with the help of his brother…

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