Life Long Journey

One More Sonnet

They tell me the life-long journey is done.
Apparently, there’s been a change of course.
The argument goes “that old race is run…
that over-trodden track has lost its force.”
Seems to me, it’s the traveller’s gone astray.
It’s not the map that has thrown its compass
to the four winds; and so, must find its way.
It’s the runner; stuck in a deep crevasse:
he’s become the point of question, the cause
to pause, to hesitate, to contemplate:
‘position and condition’ on foreign shores;
he threw aside the guide and tested fate.
. Old maps are not for the lost to squander,
. they offer much for the lost to ponder.

© Tim Grace, 3 June 2012

To the reader:  Throughout life we adapt to changing circumstances. Those who stop adapting are least likely to survive the ravages of time. Thus, the life-long journey is a continuous construction of…

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