The vikings based on many real stories but also completes missing details on their own

I don’t know what about you but I truly love the series Vikings of the history channel. this is a really well made series with many interesting ideas about the culture, spiritual life and politics of the viking culture.

It’s actually a very big and important representation of this forgotten culture which was often depicted by the church as barbaric horned helmet muggers and rapists. there was a clear reason for that and that is to emphasize hoe paganism is dangerous to society and why jesus christ is the only true refuge for salvation.

you can see some interesting thoughts and ideas with the two main actors being interviewed about the series :

You can actually see how “Rollo” is actually much more deep into the materials while the main actor “ragnar lothbrok” is actually more focused on playing with real emotion.

I was amused to see how the difference between the two is the complete opposite in reality. they are both good actors of course and without a doubt play their role completely.

Despite arguments within the history communities the sun stone might have existed and was used by the vikings to navigate in the open sea in times of cloudy weather.

you can find more interesting details in this article

Vikings did not have horned helmets! this was all a big propaganda of the church.


Thanks to the histoy channel for the picture

There was not even one horned helmet that was recovered until this very day with horns. this was used again to record demon like pagans  in the history pages and scare the christian society and warn them from the dangers of paganism.

you can read more information about this in this article

so here are some interesting fact about the vikings.

Until next season I hope you have learned something 🙂

Hail Odin!


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