Social media is the new virtual world of our psyche

I’m sure many of you are familiar with maslows hireracy of human needs. It really mapped quite precisely what every human being really needs to be whole as a person.

Throughout different era’s in the past man’s different needs were suppressed and as far as we have grown out of the monarchy structure and society opened up more of those needs (at least for some societies) have significantly improved.

The rise of the internet took a new form where our needs could become artificially fulfilled.

Thanks to socialmediachimps

New era of marketing entities

Since the voice and attention of most people in western society had moved into the internet (for the good and the worse) most agencies started to create a new entity. one that can manage facebook pages, twitter and instagram accounts.

Everyone got into the game and guides for doing it better started popping out like mushrooms after the rain. The list of agencies had grown significantly over the last 3 years.

The reason for all of this is simply because instead of using the old advertising approach to create a commercial and deliver it to millions regardless of how accurate it is to the entire audience (which is anyway impossible) they can now address people by advanced means of demography , gender and interests.

It’s a dangerous game to play

Internet is the TV of the 21st century. I mean on the one hand it brought amazing achievements and freedom of speech with it’s value can never be stated enough to express how much better it made information accessible to everyone.

On the other hand there are the companies that play on our social and basic needs. and since it’s all burned down into our psyche we enjoy it and get addicted to it.


The difference is that TV was something you watch in the evening mostly but the internet is everywhere. people end up staring at their phones or computers for days almost never raising their heads up anymore to see other people in real life.

The more we give these needs a fulfillment using the internet, the more they will vanish from our world.

We can make it different

You can simply start today by limiting the time you use facebook or other means. I mean seriously, when I was a child there as a thing called meeting friends. simply because there was no other way to communicate with them but seeing them.

I remember that I had to call a friend and only if he were at home I could reach him. This was a bit harder but much cooler. and walking on foot, being in nature and playing outside is simply better in any single way.

So the internet is here to stay, but the way we choose to use it is what makes a difference. remember that.


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