Why I Like Lakes More Than The Ocean?

One of my favorite colors is blue. Blue is a color which represents serenity, composure and peace. If you have ever gone to the countryside where there is absolutely no pollution, you must have noticed the skies. They look wide, absolutely clear and blue. You can never actually see yourself clearly when you are stuck with your day to day life.


Coming close to nature can help you find yourself and also make you crystal clear from inside. The color blue is also the representative color of the water bodies and we are all aware of the fact that it is very peaceful when we are near any of the water bodies like river, lake or even oceans. This article is more of an unconventional one as it talks about the comparison between a lake and an ocean. I will tell you what are those features and facets which make me like lakes more than oceans.


The first very obvious factor is that you can never really go near an ocean to sit and relax whenever you want to. Well there are only seven oceans in the world and it is not possible for you to go near any one of those at any time. There are so many things that you need to take care of when you go near an ocean. The quality time that you want to spend with yourself, where you are completely isolated from others is not possible when you go near an ocean. There is going to be crowd and various rules and regulations which you will have to follow and these things will take away that cream of the reason for you coming close to nature.

Nature is very much private and enclosed. Nature is wide but that is tangibly, if you look at it from your own perspective then you will definitely not want to see within yourself with plenty of things happening around you. This is why I like to spend my free time near lakes. When you are near a lake you will not have to worry about those winds and high waves of the ocean. You never need to divert your attention to other things, it is more of an affair between you and your thoughts and the peace around you. The other beauty about sitting near a lake is the availability of natural elements like the fresh air of plants and trees, the comforting shade of trees and the purity of water.

Lake water is much more useful than ocean water. You always do not need to spend time near lakes to reflect on your thoughts. Lake water is very much useful as well for mankind. Ocean water contains high amount of salt in it and therefore we cannot directly consume it whereas lake water is not salty and thus it is suitable for consumption. The accessibility to lake water is very easy as you do not need to travel long distances in order to find lake water. Ocean water accessibility is limited and this makes it impossible for everyone to derive benefits from ocean water. Lakes form an integral part of our biodiversity system and I do not mean in any way that ocean water is less useful but when comparing to direct usage, I believe that lake water is much more useful for our personal and practical needs.


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