How to Reduce Your Dairy Consumption at Every Meal

Dairy products are something that everybody grew up eating and drinking. It is something embedded deep in our diet, and our body is so used to it that cutting it off all at once would be as effective as lighting a candle under water.


From our daily morning dose of milk and almost no meal without ice cream as dessert, dairy products have become an indispensable part of our diet. But the problem with dairy products is that studies have found that most of these products are the root causes of cancer, skin irritation, allergies and a lot of digestion related problems. So besides those people who are lactose intolerant, even perfectly healthy people, find a need to give up on dairy products to continue being perfectly healthy!

The Best Way to Reduce Your Dairy Consumption

There is just one time tested formula for giving up something that we are just too used to. The formula is to simply moderate your intake and slowly decrease it to bare minimum and let your consumption rate dwindle to zero. This is quite a common knowledge to almost anybody who has been addicted to anything. Not that we are all milk addicts, but this is the best way to cut out something that has been inculcated in anybody’s dietary system for a long time. Simply cutting out all milk products one fine morning can just send you into a relapse causing more damage than normal consumption would.

Start Replacing Milk and Milk Based Derivatives

Another method is to start replacing milk and milk based derivatives in your daily course meals with replacements that give the same taste and vitamins but not the risk of falling ill. Almond milk and other plant based derivatives like hummus, avocadoes and parmesan are excellent replacements. To get a detailed idea about what possible replacements are, visit

Replacements for Dairy Products

When the prospect of replacement is considered, there are literally no limits to the alternatives that can be used. You can go for a number of vegan choices if vegetarianism is what you have in mind. These choices are guaranteed to be 100% healthy and also will give the same, if not better, taste that you get from dairy products. Non dairy whipping cream, soy, almonds, oats and coconut milk are some of the best replacements which can be used in almost all your daily foods which have dairy products in it.

Forums for Help!

If none of the replacements seems to satisfy your taste and needs then you still don’t have to revert to your old dairy based diets. You can simply ask for help at popular forums which have been created especially for addressing issues like how to reduce your dairy consumption at every meal and give you proper replacements that have excellent health benefits and do not compromise on taste.

One of the most popular forums you should visit is where this issue is specifically tackled with excellent ideas from all around the world.


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