5 Extremely Effective Social Media Tools For Bloggers

Are you aware that marketers and bloggers are totally different from each other? If not, they are. Some of the marketers do not bother to put quality text out in social media so that they can attract more visitors. Just a simple photograph or video posted or presented in social media tools will suffice. There are so many social media tools which are made available for everyone that some individual even feels lost when they are visiting several blogs or websites.


Despite their differences, bloggers may be connected to marketers because they have to do what marketers do in order to be known. Below are the 5 extremely effective tools for either finding out the most trending content and topics or just simply managing time.


This tool will help you to reconnect with the audience or people who are found within your domain. It will allow the users the possibility to follow persons from LinkedIn, Instagram< Twitter, and Facebook. There are numerous releases, articles, and discussions that you can make use of. If you are into fashion, you can even find out topics relating to it and can at the same time debate with others.


Reddit is one of the famous places where one can find out the different hot and trending topics on the internet which you can use in writing content in your blog. The best thing about Reddit is that they are not even filtered. The topics absolutely belong to all areas. You can see what attracts most people at that moment and you can drive your content towards that topic. It will even be enough if you mention one of the trending or hot topics in your contents. By writing about these topics, more readers will be subscribing to your blog.

LinkedIn Pulse App

If you are the type of individual who loves to filter things because you don’t want to read or encounter things or articles which do not interest you at all, the LinkedIn Pulse App is perfect for you. It has the capacity to customize the feeds which are coming through your domain so that you will only see news, which interests you and can help you in your blog.


This tool is widely known to almost all individuals who surf the internet. Its domain is wide enough to let you discover new things. It is a must-have tool whether you need to promote the kind of work you have or you just want something to do. There are several writers who pin different quotations which can intrigue other readers. You can use these quotations or improvise something. The important thing is that you will gain more knowledge and ideas from this site.


Lastly but surely not the least is the PRWeb. It is a platform wherein writers will have a venue to send their press releases every time they have a new content coming in. The best part of which is that users can even subscribe to them and all the information posted can be accessed freely by other visitors.


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