Ditch it Already! 5 Signs Your Body Doesn’t Dig Dairy

Some individuals consider a dairy product as important to their healthy diet, when in truth and in fact, these dairy products can even harm your body and cause detrimental effects to your body. Consuming dairy products is a total waste of money because it only gives the public false ideas that they can only get calcium from these dairy products and nothing else. Consumption of dairy products does not only give you false idea, it also contributes to the humanity as well as environmental havoc. It can even lead to food addictions, diabetes, weight gain, and even cancer. With these effects, it is time that you ditch that dairy and look for alternatives, especially when you experience these 5 signs.



Digestion Is Not Good

The digestive system is one of the complex systems in the human body. It houses numerous of bacteria cells. Billions of these bacteria cells are responsible in the breaking down of your food intake in order to obtain the nutrients which can be found in the food and disregards or getting rid of the useful contents. Another function of your digestive system is to clean itself. This is where the dairy comes in. The dairy you consume makes it hard for the digestive system to clean itself, thus, causing your digestive to go nuts. The consumption of dairy only leads to leaky gut syndrome, constipation, lactose intolerance, excess mucus production, and diarrhea. The early signs of digestive problems due to the consumption of milk are gas, pain, bloating, odd digestive functions, delayed emptying, painful fullness, cough up mucus, and a even runny nose.

Inflammation And Ache


Consumption of dairy products will also cause you inflammation because of its high acidity. It can also leach calcium from your bones, even though it was found out before that milk is a good source of calcium. The inflammation will soon lead to soreness, arthritis, joint pain, and general muscle pain.

Acne Problems

Because of the fact that dairy promotes inflammation, acne is more likely to promote. Since dairy products produce mucus, it will lead to the production of excess sebum in the skin cells and will sooner result to acne. It is even suborn to remove because the intestines do not have the capacity to properly remove the entire dairy out of your system and because of this; the skin has the tendency to excrete the toxins which are left over.

Drug-like Feeling

The addictive signs occur only because of the protein casein content found in the milk. This content is even closely associated with diabetes, cancer, weight gain, and food addiction.


When you consume dairy products, you will realize that you are more likely to experience tiredness. Tryptophan is a type of amino acid that makes a person relax or tired. Milk possesses high amounts of tryptophan. Another factor on why consuming milk makes you tired is the fact that the body takes up excess energy found in the cells because the body finds it hard to digest the dairy. Make sure that if you consume dairy products, you don’t have lots of work to do.


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