Sound Forge Pro 11 Review

Sony Creative Software has published a lot of professional product lines to satisfy their users, and one of these product lines is the Sound Forge Pro 11 itself. Along with this software are variations of Acid Pro 7, Spectra Layers Pro 2, Vegas Pro, CD Architect 5.2. But, Sound Forger Pro 11 has emerged extraordinarily compared to the other tools out there.


Sound Forge Pro 11 is the digital audio composing and editing software of Sony Creative Software. It is good that this software was brought about by Sony today because there are a lot of stories about other products that don’t even work. If it does, it only works for a few days or months. With the Sound Forge Pro 11 you will never regret the choice you have made.

Quality And Its One-touch Recording Ability

Sound Forge Pro 11 has a very pristine sound quality that can record up to 64 bit or 192 kHz audio, simultaneously, in an ultimate fidelity. It allows you to have access at the superb and magnificent mastering chain tools, select among the 12 including the iZotope DSP module, its plugins also has an excellent restoration and repair ability, and can give you a very precise format file conversion tool that will be best for your sonic integrity preservation.

The one-touch recording ability of the Sound Forge Pro 11 is a brand new and very noticeable recording interface that can make every user in dire thirst for this feature. It is best to use when you are managing a lot of task or you are in a punch-and-roll session situation.

Because of the one-touch recording ability of this software, you are able to stay put in front of the main screen while everything in your workspace is being handled by it. To make things even better, Sony Creative Software was able to redesign a recording workflow in order to give aid in the monitoring and managing of your recordings in the real time. Although some of the review process is not that good, don’t be deceived by it. Take a look for yourself and you will see that the results are better.

Sound Forge Pro 11 also enables you to split your audio into several events just like that in Acid. You can even drop or drag events which are found in your timeline, lock down the event markers, region markers, and rearrange their order as well. You can even use this magnificent feature to create numerous audio CD layouts.

Audio Editing

The editing feature of Sound Forge Pro 11 is just getting better every time you update it. You can even convert or edit regions to events, region markers, lock event markers, and also convert envelope points into events. It can also automatically ripple numerous and successive events while you are still editing.

Effects In The Processing

The software includes effects on processing plugins and also a full and comprehensive complement of the most native signal and effects. Sound Forge Pro 11 also includes its very own Noise Reduction 2 audio for its restoration suite. This software has even more incredible and better solution when it comes to delivering a mastering audio quality because of the partnership contributions from Zplane and iZotope.

Loudness Attributes

Because of the compatibility of Sound Forge Pro 11 with the Broadcast Wave Format version 2.0, it can already support numerous auto-fills, attribute, auto-fixing data, and verification. It includes a lot of enhancements which targets even the field of broadcast.

Video Support

Although this software does not have the kind of support on video editing like that of the Sony Vegas, it can still give the users a good editing audio quality with the use of an embedded video file. The Video Preview window of the Sound Forge Pro 11 will give you a glimpse of the video frame that is closely related with that on your audio timeline. It also allows you to configure the different status available in the Video Preview window in order to show the preview frame size, type of media used, and frame rate of your work. You can also adjust your Video Preview window for the aspect ratio distortion and send video outputs.

The application of Sound Forge Pro 11 goes with a MPEG-2 template that can be used in writing your HDV-compliant files, WMV templates and AVI templates.

Pros Of Sound Forge Pro 11

The software is very versatile because it has a lot of features. These features not only appear to be useful for every professional composing and editing, it always serves its purpose. You will be able to clean up all those unnecessary files and delete those insignificant background noises that can ruin your sound or music. Although there are a lot of competing products with regards to this field, Sound Forge Pro 11 will never let you down because it has an outstanding help and support service that will accommodate your every concern when something goes wrong.

Sound Forge Pro 11 also allows you to work with a WMA format which other products like Audacity do not have. The software is also very ideal when you are in an audio production facility, studio, or Restoration Company.

Cons Of Sound Forge Pro 11

The 30 day trial of the software does not last for exactly 30 days. It will only give you a quick use of the software and you will have to purchase the original one.

Sound Forge Pro is an application of every professional’s choice in every generation of prolific and creative artists, editors, or producers world. It has the ability to record rock-solid platform quickly as possible and can address other sophisticated tasks on audio processing. It is easy to use. Its features bring you to a whole new level. It has a one-touch recording ability, a lot of restoration and repair tools, it can meter for tons of new critical standards, and has an exclusive round-trip and magnificent interoperability. Its magnificent round-trip interoperability is made possible with the presence of Spectra Layers Pro. All taken as one, Sound Forge Pro 11 is totally the most advanced and deepest audio editing and composing platform you will ever have.


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