10 Things You Forgot To Thank Your Grandma For

If you ask most people today who their most favorite person in the world is, they will tell you it’s their grandma. Your grandma has been there for you right from the start. As a child, she made you your favorite cookies, she knew what to do when you had a flu or a tummy ache and she tended to your scrapes and bruises. As an adult, she supports every choice you make; to her, whether you succeed or fail, you will always be her favorite grandchild.


Yet for all these good things that your grandma represents, you have simply never thanked her. You need to realize that grandma is not always going to be here with you. Therefore, you should start appreciating her more and letting her know what she means to you.

Below are a few things that you can tell your grandma you are thankful for:

  1. She always makes sure you have a full stomach: No matter how long your visit to her house is, she always makes you something to eat. Be it buns, cookies or your favorite pie, she always has something waiting for when you visit. What’s more, she always says you are too skinny and makes you carry something for dinner.
  2. She is always kind: Somehow, your grandma is never critical of anything. She is also kind and understanding and always emits such an atmosphere of love.
  3. Her hugs are comforting: Everyone needs a hug every now and then and for you, your grandma is the one person who gives you hugs that make you forget your troubles.
  4. She always listens: Your grandma will let you vent and rant to your heart’s content without interrupting. Somehow, she always seems to ‘get it’ every time you are frustrated.
  5. She is a classy woman: Your grandma is pretty classy in her manner. She also has a cool bad-ass quality about her and this adds to her charm.
  6. You always feel better after you see her: After every visit with your grandma, you always feel a lot better, even if all you do is just be around her.
  7. She is your greatest fan: Your grandma will always be on your side, even when everyone else abandons you. Simply put, your grandma is the greatest fan you’ll ever have.
  8. She tells amazing stories: Your grandma has had a long life and she keeps those memories of the past alive by telling you the most fascinating stories. And what better than stories of the past to while away the time!
  9. To her, you are the most beautiful person alive: Any time you need an ego-boost, your grandma is always around to tell you just how beautiful you look. You might not always feel beautiful, but to her, you are perfect.
  10. You always get a birthday surprise from her: Your grandma can forget everything else, but never your birthday. She might not buy you a present all the time, but she always picks up the phone to call you and she makes you a hearty birthday meal.

I’m sure there are many other reasons you can think of for thanking your grandma. But for starters, thank her for being all the above things to you.

Source: http://www.lifehack.org/306813/15-things-you-forgot-thank-your-grandma-for


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