3 Amazing Benefits Of Driverless Cars That You May Have Never Imagined

Free time is on the top of the list when it comes to the benefits of having autonomous cars. Roughly 204 hours that we spend each year in commuting can be turned into time spent in the social media, endless chat with friends, eating or even sleeping. It does not only stop there, it also includes unimaginative things that you thought were not possible.


Safety Precautions Heightened

Fewer risk of deaths if you are not driving according to research, out of the 30,000 traffic accidents worldwide, 1.2 million are killed each year. Partial automation could highly reduce deaths and make the road safer for everybody. With new driverless cars, warning systems are alerted to drivers or automatically brake lessened fewer crashes. It will surely make an impact if these innovative technologies are used. Lesser risk for traffic related incidents will largely reduce. Given that these new technologies will be used worldwide. However, drivers will really need most likely a special licensed endorsement due to the innovative skills needed when one wants to operate on a driverless car.

Less Traffic

Automated driving will be helpful in traffics because driverless vehicles have the capacity to communicate with each other. When this occurs it will be a big help for driverless vehicles to find routes that are not used and they can be able to navigate their way through that route resulting to lesser traffic. Also, we can’t avoid when stuck in the traffic that we move our vehicles like accelerating and hitting the brake and is the number one cause of traffic when accidents happen. But with the automated vehicle, it decreases the number of accidents because they can be able to communicate with the cars surrounding them, and they also have alerts that can help them not to bump on other vehicles. It will also help improve the health of people, traffic situations have been shown to cause a lot of unhealthy happenings. For example, a cause of the rise in blood pressure, depression and anxiety, as well as the lack of sleep due to traffic jam is possible.

Lessen Emissions

30% of all US global warming emissions are produced by transportations, mostly private vehicles are being blamed and as roughly 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases are released for every gallon of fuel that affects our population.

It is pointed out that the solution for this problem not to increase is to have driverless cars and connected vehicles would allow the vehicles to have a communication with the roadside infrastructures. For example, traffic lights and road congestions. Then, we can use this information to minimize the consumption of fuel and its emission. Group of a vehicle which accelerates and brakes simultaneously and then forming it into a group of platoons is one thing that can benefit and to the introduction of the exceptional driverless cars.

The benefits of driverless cars are widespread and alluring, and the future for today’s industry is bright. And, if we let them, they could be the biggest and memorable thing to happen to the transportation history since Henry Ford’s assembly line.


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