10 Signs You Have A Trustworthy Boyfriend

Statistics are shocking. A recent survey indicates that about 70 percent of men commit acts of infidelity. Therefore, a keeper is very hard to find. Most women dream of a long term relationship with someone who adores them and who is not interested in other women. If your boyfriend fits the description below, he is definitely head over heels for you and he is worth trusting.


He puts his trust in you

When your partner is always jealous and suspicious, it is a very bad sign. Frustration might set in, turning your relationship into a living hell. An incredible number of couples break up because the boyfriend is overly suspicious.

Small things matter most

Showing appreciation, buying flowers or remembering important dates are small things that keep relationships going strong. A lot of studies indicate that grand gestures don’t impress as much as a steady display of love through simple things.

He asks for your advice

A trustworthy man will always consider your opinions valuable. Also, when he doesn’t agree with you on a certain topic, he won’t react violently but he will calmly motivate his point of view. Avoiding fights over little things at any costs is a top priority.

He doesn’t break his word

Trust is the foundation of every lengthy relationship. Showing up late on dates and breaking his promises for no reasons is a strong proof that he doesn’t care that much about you. Otherwise he would be punctual, respectful and reliable.

He expresses his deepest thoughts with no restrains

There is the misconception that men have to be tough and not share their feelings and concerns with anybody. Because of this fact, most guys are afraid or consider opening up to their girlfriends something shameful. However, someone who is truly in love will not feel insecure and will express his fears and the things that bother him.

If your boyfriend is an introvert, you should approach him carefully. If you make fun of his desire to open up, he will never try it again. Introverts are very complicated.

His mobile phone is not private area

If he has nothing to hide, he won’t have any reasons to get mad when you take his phone. There is a huge difference between wanting a little privacy and being enigmatic. Getting defensive every time you want to read the text he has just received is the ultimate proof that something wrong is going on.

He accepts you for what you are

We are human beings. We all have flaws. A relationship in which both parts criticize each other is very likely to fall apart. A trustworthy partner knows that perfection can’t be achieved, at least in a relationship, so he accepts your craziness and all the aspects that might drive someone else insane.

A thriving relationship is characterized by acceptance and mutual support.

He finds satisfaction in the same things as you

A romantic relationship between two people with completely opposite personalities will not work. Of course, there are few exceptions, but in most scenarios breakup will occur. Both parts need to have at least a slight interest in the same activities. Physical attraction is important, but it should not be a decisive factor. Having common interests is a key component of a successful relationship. After all, you need to have something to discuss when you are together.

He is not interested in flirting

He sure wouldn’t like to see you flirting with other guys, so he won’t do it as well.

He stays calm

Feelings of guilt might determine one to act weird. Being evasive when you bring more delicate subjects up (for instance when you are having a conversation about his ex-girlfriends) is a warning sign. As long as he stays cool and collected, you have nothing to worry about.


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