Find It Hard To Get Up For Your Morning Workout? These 10 Tips Will Help

There is no secret that most of us are not morning people. Because of the modern lifestyle and all the stress and exhaustion it involves, we find it difficult to get up early and head to the gym or work out at home. However, a quick workout session in the morning before going to work or starting your daily activities will make you more creative and productive. In the same time, you eliminate the risk of not doing your exercises at all because of the unexpected things that might occur during the afternoon.


If you have difficulties with getting up early and exercising, here are 10 tested tips that will help you overcome this issue.

Position your alarm clock far away from the bed

Why do you fail every time you want to train in the morning? Because the alarm clock that is positioned on the night table makes it impossible for you to get out of the warm, comfortable bed. Therefore, move the alarm as far as you can from the bed.

Find a workout buddy

Working out on your own may be depressing. If you find a training routine buddy, you feel slightly obligated to keep going because you do not want to break your work. Your integrity is at stake.

Make preparations the night before

One problem that many complain of is preparing something to eat early in the morning. It takes time, which may determine you to give up on training. Pack your stuff and cook your meal before you go to sleep.

Splash yourself with cold water

Cold water can do wonders in the morning. Once you get out of the bed, for a few minutes (it may take more in some cases) you feel somehow between being awake and asleep. It’s a semi-consciousness state. Washing your face with cold water will speed up the process of making that feeling go away.

Don’t cheat

Stick to your routine. Do it on a daily basis and do not use plain excuses to skip a workout.


Caffeine intake will boost your energy. A cup of coffee will provide enough fuel for your body to work out considerably more.

Go to bed early

You might think that only in an ideal world people can go to bed early, but, in fact, if you make an effort, you can hop into bed before 12 am.

Keep track of your progress

Register the results on a regular basis. For instance, if you go jogging, track your mileage. This way you will stay motivated.

Use social media

Join a forum or share your workout routine with other likeminded people on Facebook and Twitter.

Invest in a voice-activator light

Such a device is worth all the money. If you turn the lights on by voice as soon as the alarm ringed, you will become fully awake in a matter of seconds. A cheaper alternative is the clapper light switch. You can build one on your own if you have electric engineering knowledge.


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