Gossip and Trash-Talking Colleagues: 7 Golden Rules to Follow If You Want a Drama-Free Office

Are you glad that you won’t ever see those gossips and trash-talking classmates during your high school and college days? Well, you will soon be facing another batch of them when you have a job. Gossips and trash-talking can be very hard to eradicate because sometimes it has already formed part of the nature of a certain individual. The best way you can do is to follow these 7 golden rules to avoid gossip and trash-talking colleagues.


Get Over You High School Years

If you want to have a drama-free office, choose wisely when accepting or indulging yourself with other individuals. Since this attitude can sometimes be innate in someone, all you have to do is to avoid them. There is no use exerting your effort to change them when they don’t want to change themselves. You need to make them see and engage in different work together and in different teams so as to force them to know someone and can help them adjust to work with that someone.

Anger Management Methods

You can also establish an anger management method in order to help those individuals and to avoid or lessen gossips or trash-talking in your office. You can never deny the fact that there are individuals who do not leave their anger issues outside of the office. Thus, in order to avoid these anxiety and frustration issues outside of your office you need to have a these methods.

Team Building

Every now and then, you need to conduct a team building activity. It will help your colleagues relax more and forget their anxiety and frustrations. It will also strengthen the bond between them and will definitely lessen this bad high school behavior. Also remember that your colleagues who work hard most of the time need the right kind of nurture and appreciation.


Confrontation is very important in a workplace. It provides leeway for colleagues to air their voices out and tell the other their problem. Through this act, you will be able to know the cause of why they are behaving that way and can think of a solution that will help improve the ambiance of your workplace. Conflicts which are left unresolved can harm every colleague in the office. Thus, it is best to settle it before it is too late.

Stress Free Environment

In order to lessen this gossip and trash-talking behavior, you have to invest in making the workplace a stress free environment. You might never know that behaviors of certain individuals are caused by the kind of environment they work with. Every workplace needs to provide a calm and safe place for their employees. Put some plants in the office or paint some of the areas of your walls green so that it will create a fresh and relaxing feel to your employees.

Don’t Look For It

Never look for drama because it will always come right in your workplace if you ask for it. You should begin with yourself if you want a drama-free office. Forget your anxiety and frustrations. Just focus on your work and enjoy the day. Your morals will lead you somewhere far and can create a peace of mind.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

You need to encourage people to focus on the positive side of everything. No matter how down or complicated you are, you need to focus yourself and prioritize the things you have to do. Focusing on the negative side will lead you nowhere. It will only worsen the situation.


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