6 Reasons Why You Can Get Hired as a Blogger

Have you been unemployed for a long period of time? Do you blog occasionally? Maybe you should do it more often. When writing on a blog, you enhance plenty of skills that will allow you to get hired with ease. The professional blogging industry in not the only domain a blogger can find a job in.


Times have changed. Online presence is very important if you want to land a highly paid job. Managers search for open-minded, flexible, all-around individuals who can find their way out the most difficult situations. Below I am going to present 6 reasons why you should take up blogging and let your chances of getting hired increase.

Blogging improves communication skills

I’m sure that lacking communication skills has caused you serious problems during job interviews many times. However, these abilities can be developed to a higher level through writing regularly. Blogging involves coming up with new ideas, which will put your brain to work thus boost your creativity. Top-notch jobs demand creative and ingenious people who have experience with problem solving.

You can’t just bore your readers by using the same words and idioms over and over again. Therefore, another perk of blogging is that you need expand your vocabulary in order to provide diverse, interesting and relevant content.

The blog is an online resume

Let’s imagine that a hiring manager stumbles upon your blog and it’s really impressed by your articles. He might automatically think “this is the kind of employee our company desperately needs”. So he might make you an offer. Finding a top job can be done without even spending long time sending CVs to numerous companies.

Nowadays everyone is pressed for time, even employers. They can’t waste precious hours interviewing tons of candidates. An employer can decide whether you are suitable for the job or not by reading your blog. Basically you show your knowledge, writing skills and creativity through blogging.

Having an audience can be useful to some companies

Some businesses might make good use of your ability to reach a lot of individuals with your content. Having a blog it’s a way to stand out from the crowd. This capacity to advertise services and market products online can make you an extremely valuable asset to the company.

Blogging keeps you up to date

The next interview will be a piece of cake. Doing extensive research is crucial when you are a blogger. Therefore, you will be able to impress even the toughest job interviewer with your knowledge on a wide range of topics.

There are jobs in different fields that require basic programming skills. Setting up the blog on your own necessitates studying some basic programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, which may turn out to be very useful when looking for a better paid job.

Blogging makes you a more confident individual

Succeeding at interviews is linked to being self-confident. When you put your faith in your abilities you become less fearful thus more willing to aim high. Many people fail to get hired rapidly because they think they are not qualified for complex jobs, but the truth is that they are afraid of getting out of their comfort zone.

Blogging helps you see things from a different perspective

People who read interesting articles always leave comments. Interacting with others in the comment section is a valuable exercise for the mind. Some readers may come up with thought-provoking questions and debates that can help you broaden your horizons. Seeing things in a different light contributes a lot to one’s process of changing his attitude towards life. For instance, blogging can determine turn someone from pessimistic to optimistic.


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