5 Guest Blogs that will Pay you more than $50 per Post

Guest blogs are where you as a writer create unique content on another blog with a mention of your name, the author, at the bottom of the article. Knowing your goal for guest blogging is important so as to determine the kind of blogs to submit guest posts to. Guest blogging allows you to get exposure back to your own website, to position yourself as an authority and to build backlinks to your website.


When looking for places to guest post, look for sites relevant to your niche or industry and look for an audience that you know will be interested in your industry. But how do guest blogs pay and how do you find guest blogs that will pay more than $50 per post. Listed below are 5 sites that will pay you at least $50 per post and sometimes more per article, upon acceptance or publication.

  1. The Penny Hoarder – with PayPal being their payment method, this is a personal finance publication, so they want articles on strategies and advice on earning money and saving it. They would like articles based on personal experiences too. These articles need to be between 700 and 900 words long and they will pay $800 per article and depending on certain factors.
  1. A Fine Parent – If you are a parent, this parenting blog is all about helping those who want to be parents and those who already are parents to actually become better parents. Write for A Fine Parent and get paid. Articles need to be fairly long – between 1,500 and 3,000 words and they will pay you $100 if your article is accepted. There will also be a bonus of $200 if your article is the most popular at the end of the year.
  1. Cracked- this is a comedy website that pays writers $100 to write guest posts about weird news, pop culture and the likes. To write for this website you will need to join its Writers Forum and also read the guidelines to write.

4 IWA Wine Blog – if you know and love wines, to part with your knowledge, you can earn $50 for each post and inform readers on topics relating to storing, drinking and enjoying wine. Write about what wines people like best and the different grape varieties you get. Before you get going you will need to check out their guidelines first.

  1. Spark People – this is a fitness and nutrition website, so all their content relates to things such as weight loss, health, fitness, wellbeing. The articles need to be between 800 and 1,800 words and payment for these orders is between $25-$75 for each accepted post.

    Got Skills? Get Writing and Get Paid Well

    Trying to find better blogging sites that pay far more than the $10 a post? These are just 5 of the many guest blogging sites that writers with skill are using to get paid a fair wage for their efforts.


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