5 Ways to Eliminate Knee Pain

Joint pain is a very common problem that is not often addressed, and the most common location of discomfort is in the knee. Knee pain can be painful and disabling, making even common day to day tasks increasingly difficult and frustrating. Knee pain can develop from various situations, such as inactivity, body weight, injuries, poor posture and even insufficient nourishment. What follows are five tips and tricks that you could try today to try and help relieve your pain and get your knees back to normal.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the most common reasons for consistent knee pain is due to being overweight. The first thing you should try to do is take care of yourself and try to maintain a healthy weight, to ease off the stress on those joints. Find an exercise you enjoy, go for daily walks after your evening meal, and work with your doctor to develop a new healthy diet plan and exercise program. Studies show that losing even 5% of your weight can relieve the pressure from your knees.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be a great help, and will not only help the pain immediately following the sessions, but will also help in getting rid of the problem in the long term. A physical therapist will design an exercise regime to help with your knee pain, stressing important techniques and stretches that they deem accurate to your personal situation. This is much better than generic knee pain exercises you might find online, since these will be specifically catered for you.

Get Enough Sleep

Although we understand that joint pains and aches can interfere with your sleep pattern and cause an uncomfortable night, sleep is essential for good health and general alertness throughout the day. If you are suffering from sleep depravity due to your knee pain, talk with your doctor about some possible options.

Cold and Heat Techniques

These are great for short term pain relief, especially if you feel it increasingly painful during the day. Consider running yourself a nice hot bath to relax your knee in, or purchase some heating pads or use a warm towel to massage the area. Ice packs can also be very effective for joint pain relief, since the cold can relieve the swelling while the warmth eases the stiffness.


Finally, learn to kick back and relax once in a while! As important as daily exercise is, it is also important to remember to rest enough and to not put your knee under too much strain throughout the day. Learning when to take it easy and relax can go a long way in supporting good health. Consider learning and using some great relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation.

Hopefully these will provide you some comfort, and make living with knee pain a little bit easier. However if the pain is a long term problem and doesn’t seem to be getting any better, consider discussing with your doctor about possible medications or operations that will help. These should be a last resort however, and your doctor won’t suggest these unless absolutely necessary.


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