Exotic World Dishes All Foodies Need To Eat

If you love to experience new things, you will be probably exciting about what we are preparing for you. This is a list of delicious exotic meals from different continents. The full recipes are beyond the scope of this article but we provide you tips on how to truly rip the benefits of each dish. You can easily find the full recipes online. Bon appetite!



This traditional Arab food is perfect for vegans. Falafel is derived from the Arab word for pepper and basically consists in vegetarian fritters served with hummus and tahini sauce. It can also be served with toum, the Middle Eastern version of garlic sauce.


Empanadas are Latin American dishes, so expect them to be spicy. They add jalapenos, chili and pepper for the filling of the dough. It can be made with pork, beef or a mix of these two.


The Koreans came up with the recipe for kimchi and is usually known as napa cabbage kimchi. You use Asian chives, fermented shrimp and vegetables like radish, carrot and green onions. Be careful with the ginger because if you add too much you will make the dish sticky.

Peking duck

This dish dates back to the imperial China. It is easy to prepare but it takes up to 3 hours considering that you need to soak the whole duck in boiling water until it changes color and then air dry it for 2 hours. The duck is glazed with maltose syrup and then roasted in the oven.

Tandoori chicken

You marinade the chicken in a delicious sauce of Greek yogurt and special spices like garam masala and ground cumin. After you let it chill you can cook it on the grill or in the oven. If you want to give the chicken a nice color, you can add paprika or turmeric.

Chili crab

This dish is mainly served in Singapore and has a rich luxurious taste. You can serve it with steamed buns, rice or crusty bread. After you stir fry the mud crabs in a blend of garlic, onion and chili you simmer them in a tasteful tomato sauce with ginger. Although you expect it to be spicy, the dish is actually kind of sweet.


People who live in Iraq have been cooking carp like this more thousands of years. The carp must be fresh. After you gut it, the inside of the fish is spiced with marinade and the fish is carefully grilled on each side. You top the fish with tomato and curry sauce. One teaspoon of curry is enough but if you like spicy dishes you can add more.


Some say that the dish is actually Portuguese, while others say it was invented by the slaves of Brazil. Feijoada is a stew made with pork ribs, bacon and black beans. Several types of pork can be used including sausage and feet. Mix these with a mix of vegetables and serve with white rice and slices of fresh orange.


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