Become A Productivity Ninja — Use An Online Calendar: Teamup

Staying up to date with new developments and movements may be one of the most difficult challenges with regards to working in a team. To keep up with the schedule, it is best to monitor the movements within the organization that is related to your team and the team’s tasks. Do not worry, Teamup will assist you and your teammates back on sync in no time. Good news for you who have been acquainted with Google Calendar for a while, because you will immediately like Teamup’s interface and treat it like an old friend.


Just like Google Calendar, you will be able to find a mini calendar at Teamup’s top left corner, added with a list of calendars just right below it. At the top right, you will see the options to check several calendar views, where on the space left in the center, you can view the actual calendar. On one note, Teamup has been receiving a lot of buzz as it succeeds to make use of the huge space which Google throws away in its header, where the visual hierarchy and regular color scheme is also more visible compared to what Google Calendar has.

Organizing an Event

To organize an event on this program, you just have to click on a date on the calendar where you plan to have your event, and a pop up window will come into view immediately. In the pop up window, you will be able to add the venue, attendees, duration, topic of the meeting and all other sorts of information that you need to include. You can also set the event to be recurring where you will be given several options of settings to choose. You can also get online images (or from your Dropbox) to be attached into your calendar, especially for the event. Even more, Teamup’s Premium Member is given the privilege to upload images straight from Google Drive, Instagram or their computers.

Viewing Flexibility with Multiple Calendars

In Teamup, you are given the option to not view other calendars which are not relevant to you at any given time. However, this program also lets you to do the exact opposite, and that is to check all the calendars available when you are required to. If you have multiple calendars, you may set different permission levels for each calendar from the same link, where a person may be granted access and others may not be able to see the calendar at all.

Share Only What You Need

Teamup’s interface is also praised for its ability to share individual events independently without having to share the whole calendar. Of course you can still share the calendar, but Teamup enables you to share any individual entry as an independent event through a unique web link. Just click or right click at any event, then click Share – as a page. If you are still confused the internet will provide you with the step-by-step guide.


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