10 Crazy Paradoxes That Will Blow Your Mind

Tons of intelligent people love paradoxes. But what does a paradox mean? In simple terms, a paradox means that certain premises are contradicting itself. It is somewhat a situation or a circumstance that will tend to defy logic by simply producing or creating an inconsistency that will normally go against the common sense.


A lot of well-known logical paradoxes are considered as invalid arguments because of its contradicting results. However, due to its nature, it is still being used as of today. Paradoxes are still being used because it promotes critical thinking and teaches a person to prove one point by using contradiction. Giving your mind something to think about is a great mental activity which can help you solve things you don’t even know you can solve. Below are just some of the top 10 crazy paradoxes that will surely blow your mind. It will boggle your mind until you can get your best night’s sleep.

“Can you travel back in time and prevent yourself from being born?”

When it comes to time travel paradox, the famous example would be in the Grandfather Paradox. There was even a scenario that someone had to travel back in time only to kill his grandfather so that he can prevent his own birth. Think about this: If he were never born, how can he kill his grandfather in the first place?

“Likely to exist means likely to be found, but where is everybody?”

Since the universe is said to be an infinite space, the possibilities of existence of life on other planets aside from Earth is pretty much on a high scale. However, there are still no confirmed signs of life spotted outside of our planet as of now. Hence, the famous physicist, Enrico Fermi, had this question.

“Time travel (if possible) would result in some extremely strange situations.”

This crazy paradox was developed from the version of the popular science fiction entitled as Bootstrap Paradox.

“Does an object that has all its components replaced remain the same object?”

This has been a classic paradox since the ancient Greeks time. It originated from the ancient Greeks’ original, which is commonly known as the Ship of Theseus Paradox. A new version was even developed that instead of the word “ship”, it was replaced with “brain”.

“Can an omnipotent being defy the laws of logic and be both omnipotent and not omnipotent?”

Just like any other paradox, the challenge here becomes real when the notion of God’s existence comes to play.

“If destiny designed a master plan which defines everything that is to happen, isn’t it useless to go to a doctor, for example?”

This kind of paradox normally arises when you choose to reject the very notion of God’s existence or any being who is in charge according to one’s belief.

If someone says “I always lie,” are they telling the truth? Or are they lying?

The minds of the Greeks were really tested by this paradox. There was even one person who died because of too much exhaustion while he attempts to solve the paradox.

“A heterological word is a word that does not describe itself. Does “heterological” describe itself?”

This is a paradox which kept a lot of logicians and mathematicians up for several nights and no one seemed to have the right explanation.

“What happens when an unstoppable object faces an immovable object?”

This was formulated when the ancient story of a man who was walking on the road of the market became famous.

“A barber shaves everyone who does not shave himself, but no one else. Who shaves the barber?”


This paradox is much akin to the famous Liar Paradox. Bertrand Russell, a logician and mathematician, was the one responsible to have formulated this crazy paradox.


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