12 Ways to Earn Money Without Being Employed

You may think that the title sounds quite silly, but what if I told you that it’s possible and it’s done right this moment by millions of people worldwide? Hoping I got your attention, I invite you to discover 12 things you can do to earn money without having a 9 to 5 job that you need to pay for the loans that made it possible for you to have this job in the first place. Bear with me.


Start writing

If you love to write, this is the perfect thing you can do. You can write fiction stories, informative articles, guides etc. You find plenty of gigs on job marketplaces like UpWork and Freelancer.


You will always find parents too busy to stay with their kids and parents who want a break from their all-night-crying baby. This is where you step in. Babysitting can bring you extra money and you can even make it a full-time job.

Tutor those who need it

This works for students and basically anyone who has something to teach to others: guitar, math, foreign languages etc. If you are good in your field, you can prepare high school graduates for college entrance exams.

Everybody needs a handyman

This requires you to actually know how to repair stuff: windows, doors, pipes, cars, electric sockets etc.

Help science grow

Research groups and clinical trials actually pay people to be a part of their study. Remember to inform yourself before signing anything.

Join a focus group

Focus groups are meant to give insight on what’s going in the buyer’s mind when making a purchase. There are plenty of companies who pay people up to $100 to join such groups for marketing purposes.

Shopping is your job

Ghost shopping can be very fun for anyone who loves to criticize, assess and boss people around. If you are like that, you can earn money while enjoying yourself.

Be a virtual assistant

You can work with people from all over the world. If you have good organizational skills and you work well with people, you can make a living by being some manager’s virtual assistant.

Stock trading

Although some people consider it to be risky, stock trading can get you rich if you have intuition and maybe a bit of good luck. Know the market and you will make money.

Time to use that camera of yours

Remember when you bought that DSLR camera? You can make money by improving your photography skills. People are paid to take pictures at events like weddings and parties. Why should you not succeed in this industry if you are talented?

Pets need you

There are many pet owners who would pay for someone to care for their beloved pets. You would have to groom them, walk them and even watch them when the owners are not at home.

Rent or sell whatever you own

If you have an empty room/apartment you can rent it to someone who has no place to stay. Moreover, it is time to sell the stuff that you no longer use.


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