Common Web Design Mistakes That Very Few People Recognize

Are you trying to sell something through your website? If you answered Yes, then you know how hard it can be to make people want to buy your products. The way a website looks is essential in making a good first impression while good functionality will prevent users from having full blown migraines every time they try to access your page.


The following mistakes are made by a lot of sites out there most of the owners don’t even realize it. We are trying here to educate you in terms of web design so that you can reap the benefits of your online business.

Call-to-action elements are not surrounded by white spacer

CTAs are meant to convince people to take action. The attention of users should be mainly directed toward these elements. You main purpose is to make them buy and subscribe, which is why you need to tell them to do so.

Although CTAs are present on virtually any website online, they are not placed properly. To be more specific, CTA elements are often surrounded by other elements that are less important that the CTA itself.

White space around the CTA buttons creates a contrast and keeps the design clean and focused. If you fail to put white space around the buttons, the page looks cluttered and creates confusion, which is the last thing that the user should feel. Confusion means that he needs to put effort into deciphering your stuff and he will not do this when there are so many other websites out there that don’t give him a headache.

Using colors that don’t match

You are no longer in high school when you designed plain HTML pages with lots and lots of colors. If you look at the page and it seem out of place, the color palette is most likely off. Choose the colors according to the message you want to send to your visitors.

Stick to neutral colors for sophistication, brighter colors for entertainment and travel websites, calm tones of blue and green for topics like inner peace self-development etc. You may want to stick to the colors of your logo if the site has one. Brand consistency is important in making people remember your company.

Failing to optimize your site for mobile platforms

Nowadays, a high percentage of users surf the internet on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A regular page looks distorted on smaller screens and impairs user experience. Fortunately, you don’t have to design a whole different website, you just need to make your page 100% responsive.

This means that regardless of screen size and resolution, design elements are distributed beautifully on the page. You are advised to check how the page looks by accessing it through several devices of various sizes because that’s exactly what the visitor will see.

Not taking into account page loading time

Would you wait 30 seconds for a page to load? Well, you would if there was a problem with your internet, but if your connection is fine, you would assume the page is broken and you would consequently hit the back button. It is true that high resolution images look great and are desirable especially if you have a business where visuals matter, for example photography.

The problem is that loading time increases proportionally with the number of hi-res photos and other design elements. You should aim for a time frame of 2-3 at most. Mobile users suffer the most because their devices can’t handle such demanding elements as a computer does. So, high page loading time will make mobile users avoid your website.

Another thing to keep in mind is to check the load time of videos. The video should buffer fast and without any interruptions or else you will succeed in annoying the visitor to the extent that he will never return to your website.


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