Scientists Find Socially Anxious People Are Highly Intelligent

Highly intelligent people have the almost complete view of the world and they normally see things in its entirety and not merely by piece by piece. Below are some of the reasons on why most scientists consider those individuals who are socially anxious to highly intelligent compared to others.


Self-Awareness Is High Enough


They normally think about the perception of other people around them, especially when they are in a public place. When they realize this perception, the common reaction would be to blend in and avoid any acts that will make others see them. The downside with this kind of behavior is when people who are socially anxious do not realize that most of what they are thinking is only in their head. With this, the result is that they tend to be too self-aware.


A Sentinel Intelligence Is What They Have


People who are highly intelligent tend to be in tune with the real world compared to other individuals who live their lives on a basic and simple knowledge. Socially anxious people are normally more sensitive to different threats that exist around them. They have this sudden urge to act quickly while others are still processing the noise in their surroundings.


Other’s State Of Mind


Highly intelligent individuals are often aware with the state of mind of other people. They want to understand more about the actions of other individuals and the reason on why they are doing such acts. A socially anxious person would look at the different body language and expression of the person they are talking to. The lack of excitement would normally catch their attention. The result of which will keep a socially anxious person to stay all night thinking of the acts he has done or the idea if the person he talked to was offended.


Over-Analyze Circumstances


Since highly intelligent people have a better grasp of their in-depth senses and behavior, they often exaggerate things by overly analyzing circumstances. This trait can lead them to drown in their own thoughts without even knowing it. Thus, in is best that people who are highly intelligent must participate in the mainstream conversation as much as possible.


Over-Analyzing Terms


The constant question that will pop out of the mind of a highly intelligent person during a conversation is, “What did A mean by that?” The trait of over-analyzing the terms being said by ordinary people can lead to a deeper social anxiety that may endanger his thoughts. He will be left to worry about matters which are just simple and do not even need any worrying.


Being Logical Is Their Best Asset


Being logical is a good thing, but too much of it can cause detrimental effects. This trait can be very beneficial to every individual as long as they should couple it with some emotions and considerations.


Empathy Is Very Common


Socially anxious people are very much highly empathetic with whatever is happening in their lives. Because of the fact that they over-analyze situations, this kind of individuals will surely stop at nothing until they have fully solved the problems of their family members and friends.


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