8 Things People Enthusiastic About Outdoor Activities Understand

Say what you like, people who love nature and the outdoors are a unique breed – they’re more laid back, less tense and irritable, they’ve got a calmness about them and they’ve always got something to occupy them. They always make every excuse to get outdoors and if you do the same, you’ll understand what inspires them.


Let’s look at 8 things people enthusiastic about outdoor activities understand –


  1. The outdoor type always seems to get there and back a lot cheaper than what other people spend on their getaways. With a lightweight tent and backpack, they see places at next to nothing prices everyone else only dreams about.

    2. Those who love outdoor activities will tell you that even a simple cup of coffee is more delicious when brewed around a campfire in the wilds. It’s simple actually; everything from chicken to corn can be put in a foil packet and grilled over the fire. Food always tastes better outdoors.


  1. Outdoor enthusiasts will tell you that there’s nothing more luxuriating than going totally natural. No make-up, no fancy shampoos and conditioners that require a waiting period for them to work, no well fitting clothes that prick and prod in the wrong places just to look good – when you’re out in the wilds, it’s all about being comfortable with nature.

    4. People mad about outdoor activities are nearly always up early to greet the rising sun. They can’t easily comprehend people who sleep in till 11 or 12 in the morning and then grudgingly get up to spend the rest of the day slouching around and yawning. Outdoor enthusiasts typically wake up early to pack in a full day.


  1. Communication can be difficult for the outdoor enthusiast. This is because they are used to being in nature and keeping particularly quiet as to not frighten off an animal or bird they want to photograph. They don’t take too kindly to empty chatter just to fill up a silence.

    6. Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to take their dogs with them on a camping trip and no-one else. They appreciate the companionship and quiet acceptance of conditions that their four-legged friends offer them. Best of all they love the enthusiasm with which the dogs do things, from clamoring over rocks to swimming in rivers.


  1. For the sake of doing a backpacking and camping experience right off the beaten track, many wildlife enthusiasts will give up their creature comforts like a hot shower to explore nature in an inexpensive setting. For the peace the camping trip affords them, they won’t relish someone on the trip who is amenity-dependent and who can’t adjust to the circumstances.

    7. Outdoor enthusiasts find that the more time they spend outdoors, the more they find crowds, shopping malls, fancy events and people a bit of a pain to deal with. They just can’t help believing that people who haven’t got a love for nature, animals and the great outdoors are a little bit shallow and boring.


The outdoor enthusiast knows that there are exciting worlds out there waiting to be explored and hikes, and best of all for so much less than staying in a smart hotel or guest house. Call them eccentric all you like; they wouldn’t trade their life for yours for anything.



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