3 New Technologies To Care For An Ageing Parent

Although inevitable, caring for elderly parents when they begin to decline in health and mind is still a difficult and traumatic process. But while it is easy to concentrate on how frustrating it is for us as children, we must also think about how frustrating you would feel as a parent. Having to be cared for by your own children and feeling hopeless and weak cannot be a pleasant experience. Thankfully, we are now living in an ever increasing technological world, and day by day more and more tools and capabilities are being developed to use these to their full potential. As with every other area in life, elderly care has also benefitted from this technology boom and there are new ways to make the process easier and stress free for everyone involved. We have chosen three of these to suggest to you if you find yourself in this situation, and here’s hoping that in the future even more innovative ideas and platforms will be designed and available for the sake of us, our parents and our children.



Communication Is Key


Let’s begin with technology that makes communication between you and the parents easier, since chances are this will be an important aspect whatever their health concerns. Most people have Smartphones these days, and even if the elderly tend to be more averse to these, the benefits are incredible. You could message, call, video chat, all simple and free if you use the right apps and software. Facebook, Facetime, Skype, the possibilities are endless. If your parents are adamant that they do not need such a high tech phone, there is always the Jitterbug Plus by Samsung which is much less intimidating and still gets the job done.


Clean Home, Clean Mind


This next issue will be especially useful if you are caring for someone who are less mobile than they used to be. Cleaning a house is tough work for anyone, but once your body begins to complain and you get tired easily, it can be a real struggle. At the same time, you don’t want to be responsible for cleaning their house completely, chances are that you don’t have the time. There are ways around it however, such as robotic vacuum cleaners. These map out the rooms and use algorithms to make sure every inch is hovered. They even go to the dock to charge all by themselves!


Location, Location, Location


Finally, in severe circumstances you might find yourself worrying about parents who are beginning to get a little forgetful. Alzheimers is a horrible disease, and you seem constantly on edge, especially if they are prone to wandering off and getting lost. Thankfully there is technology available to help you keep track of their movements, meaning you won’t have to constantly worry about what they might be up to. Lively is a good option if you require a similar service, or alternatively there are insoles for shoes with built in GPS. This way you can check to make sure they are where they should be, and if the inevitable does happen and they wander off and get lost, you can find them easily and quickly.


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