The Four Hottest Summer Apps

Summer is great and technology exists that can help you enjoy the hiking, swimming, grilling, and sun bathing fun even more. If you are ready to have a great summer then you can find apps that are built to enhance it. These are just a few of the apps you need in your phone to make sure you have the best summer ever.


Bandsintown Concerts

What goes better with summer than music? You can use this app Bandsintown Concerts to find the concerts coming to your area and make sure you are going to them. Take advantage of the great shows close by so you can make memories for a lifetime. You can program the app based on what you like to listen to. You won’t have to search websites and concert halls for the bands coming to a venue near you, this app will save you a ton of time.


GrillTime is an app that seems like a very simple concept. You can keep track of what you have on the grill and how long it needs to cook. The app will alert you when it’s time to turn the meat or take off the kabobs. This app will allow you to enjoy a beer and sit down without having to constantly check the food on the grill. The settings allow for you to put multiple types of food on the timers so everything will turn out perfectly grilled and ready to be enjoyed.

Sky Guide

When you’re lying out in the nice summer night looking up at the stars this app will tell you what you’re looking at. It works on iPad or iPhone and helps you see the constellations in the sky. If you are interested in the stars or you just want to have something cool to do at night when lying on the beach or in your sleeping bag, this is the best app for you. It’s also a great tool to use for a fun night teaching your kids about the stars and spending quality time. Even if you are just in your backyard you will love looking up at the sky.

Camp and RV

This app Camp and RV is an amazing summer companion for those who love to get out and camp. It’s particularly great if you just get out and go without a destination in mind. It will show you the RV resorts and parking lots you can camp in as well as camp ground that are nearby. You can use it offline so if you don’t have service you can find gas stations, the height of a bridge you need to go under, and hopefully the repair shops you won’t need. These are things that can be very important when you’re out on the open road and save you a lot of aimless wondering around.

These are four apps that will help you pull off the best summer ever. It’s great when technology can enhance your life, all from the palm of your hand.



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