5 SEO Secrets for Bloggers

We all know that having an active blog is such a hassle. You need to redesign your strategy entirely with every Google update. Getting traffic through search engines still remains the most effective method, so strive to develop a SEO optimized blog. In order to compete with those websites which have incredibly high budgets for ads and SEO, you need some efficient tactics. Let’s see 5 SEO secrets for bloggers.

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Improve your headlines

Most people who search for information online only read the headline. If it catches their attention they proceed.

Let’s analyze two scenarios. If your website is at the top of the page for a certain keyword, but your link doesn’t get clicks, Google will automatically rank you lower because it considers that your content is not relevant. But when you are ranked low, and people choose your website over others that are ranked higher, you send a positive message to search engines.

In order to increase click through rates, you need catchy headlines. Negative headlines made up of 16 to 18 words are the way to go. Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of negative headlines. Compared to positive superlative and neutral ones, negative titles received 50% more clicks. A possible explanation is that online readers are fed up with clichés and overused phrases. Now let’s see how an attention grabbing headline looks like.

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Focus on unique content

First of all, get rid of plagiarized work as soon as you can. Google detects that your content lacks uniqueness, so it won’t rank it any higher. Once you clean your blog of other people’s work you can proceed to the next step.

Provide your readers with high quality content so they will stick on your website for a long period of time. Also, there is a connection between rank and your texts’ length. The longer the articles are the better. Google’s algorithms don’t take into account that a succinct content can be as valuable as a long one. Therefore, adapt to this situation and stretch your posts. But do not overlook on quality.

The comment section is priceless. It will make the webpage keyword rich, which will lead to an increase in rank. Consequently, interact with your readers through comments every time you have the opportunity.

Is your website “sticky ” ?

A key factor in Google ranking is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. What do you have to offer to your readers? The same plain content they can find anywhere else, or something intriguing?

Once you have proper content, you need a user-friendly, uncluttered design so visitors will navigate with ease through your articles. There are numerous free widgets available on the internet you can use to make your website more appealing.

Use image links

Besides the obvious visual impact that quality images have, they can also be used to increase ranking for a certain keyword. The alt tag of an image plays the role of a keyword. Therefore, start interlinking your posts through images.

Nofollow versus dofollow backlinks

Link building can be an overwhelming task. You may be tempted to buy lots of cheap backlinks. This can have a tremendous negative impact because it affects the nofollow/dofollow ratio.

As your blog expands, you will notice an increase in dofollow backlinks. A very popular but effective way to get more dofollow backlinks is to write guest posts for trustworthy blogs. In addition, you should include within your articles outbound links to reliable sources. Not only readers will benefit from this measure, but search engines will be impressed too.









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