When School Rules Are Turned Into Rules Of Life…


When you graduate from college and start a new life by yourself, you will soon realize that the simple rules you have encountered during your high school and college life can be easily turned into a life’s rule. You just have to change or twitch a few of those words to turn it to a list of rules of life. Here are 7 examples when your school rules are suddenly turned into a list of rules of life.


Don’t Run – Don’t Settle


It is worth remembering that you have surpassed the challenges in your high school and college years, you even have a cool job right now. These are just some of the reasons on why you should never settle for less. As long as you have the means and it does not violate any right or something, you always deserve to have something great. No one deserves less in this world.


Don’t Be Late – It’s Never Too Late


Once you think that it is already too late, you need to learn to do away with that thought. As long as you breathe in this cruel, but amazing world, everything is not too late. There might be mitigating events, but still, nothing is too late. You just have to believe in your capacity.


Keep Quiet – Speak Up


You should know by now that keeping quiet will do you no good. Speaking up will always do you a favor. You get to express your ideas, give a reaction to something you don’t like, and help others by simply suggesting or giving them advices. Speaking your mind can also be harmful if you don’t know where to let go of your words. You always need to be careful with your words. Although it is beneficial to you when speak up your mind, just make sure that no one else is getting hurt.


Stay In Your Seat – Stay Alive And Positive


No matter how tired you are and brain dead because of the workload you have, you still need to remember to stay alive and positive. Never give in. Push your limits, just don’t forget to rest.


Follow Teacher’s Instructions – Follow Your Heart


In everything you do, it is always important that your heart is agreeing with it. Just make sure that it is the right thing. Follow what your heart desires for you to determine your passion. Having tons of cash in the future without loving your work will only drain all your energy because you hate the job.


Don’t Break The Rules – Challenge The Rules


Rules are made to control things and set guidelines for others. But, whenever you think that some rules need to be challenged to determine its real effects, challenge it.

Don’t Argue – Don’t Conform/Yield


As long as you know that you are right, never yield. Go for it and show to the world your capacity and the fact that you are right. Yielding to someone when you know it is not the right thing to do will only give you additional problems and headaches.



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