9 Simple Ways To Stay Calm In Highly Charged Situations

Almost all of us have experienced a situation where it seems that our patience is hanging on its last thread. It is very important to control your emotion and learn how to calm down to prevent adverse effects of your raging fits and worsening actions. Below are some ways to calm yourself and avoid overreaction in highly stressful moments:


Ask Yourself Questions

When you are really upset, you need to step back and ask yourself questions with regards to the situation. Is it something that you can control? Was there any possible misunderstanding that upset you? How did I look and behave while I was angry? Reflect upon yourself through asking these questions will help preventing you from carrying out a stupid overreaction.


Call Your Best Friend

One of the worse feelings that may cause us to explode and throw fits of temper is when our own heads are filled with our own negative thoughts. It helps to call up your best friend when you are in a really stressful situation. Pour your heart out and tell them how you feel. Talking to someone will actually make you calmer. If talking to your best friend does not really seem to do it, consider seeking professional help such as a therapist to help you find solutions to your thoughts and behavior.


Exercise Your Anger Off

Do multiple sets of weight lifts, run for a few kilometers or go to your usual boxing class will blow off the steam and take your energy away from the angry thoughts in your head. Exercise burns off repressed rage. It will lift your mood and at the end of the day you will feel happier as well as healthier.


Focus On What You Are Doing

You have the ultimate control of your own behavior, but sadly not others. Realize and accept that you can only control your own behavior instead of trying to control others will take the emotional side out of the situation and calm you down with a greater control of yourself. Focus on the things that you want to do in the next hour or days and your mind will be distracted away from those angry thoughts and moved to things that make you productive and happy.


Inhale, Exhale

One of the first things that you need to do when you find yourself in a highly charged situation would be to take a deep breath. Close your eyes and count to 10 to control your adrenaline rush, and proceed with taking deep breaths to calm down. If this does not quite do it yet, you can breathe in, hold the breath in, and exhale the breath slowly for four seconds each.


Put a Label on Your Emotions

Different studies show that putting a label to different negative emotions actually reduces their impact. Get in touch with those emotions and determine whether you are pissed off, angry, frustrated, bored, tired, or sad. By labeling the negative emotions into less than three words, you are simplifying how it affects you and as a result its effects will diminish instantly.


Step Outside

Going outside and be exposed to fresh air and sunlight will actually help to lighten up your mood. A few minutes in the park with trees and birds flying in the blue sky will take the focus away from your raging thoughts. Feeling the wind blow against your face will help you calm down.


Throw Worsening Thoughts Away

Thoughts of revenge and jealousy will never help, and in turn they will only make you angrier. Throw those thoughts away and as a result you will find it easier to let go and move on. Avoid using the words always, never and should or shouldn’t in arguments because it can actually worsen the situations. Think only the positive things that make you happy, and throw away the bad.


Write It Down

If you do not find the sense of closure by just trying to let it go, try to write it down in a piece of paper. Negative thoughts usually linger and bulk up into fits of anger at even the smallest level of provocation. By writing it down, you see the issues clearer and your brain will be able to process the complexity of the issue to come up with solutions.





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