10 Things You Start Realizing From Your College Life

Every person who has attended college has probably drawn different conclusions from this experience. However, nobody can argue the fact that college life teaches you a lot of valuable lessons, but at the same time it doesn’t manage to prepare any of its students well enough to deal with the nonacademic job market.


In this article I am going to present my point of view on why getting a college degree is a great experience nobody should miss out on. There is quite a long list of vital practical skills I’ve acquired during my years as a computer science student I would like to share with you.

Time management

During my freshman year I realized how important it is to prioritize your schedule. You need somehow to strike a balance between having fun and learning. Sleep deprivation is the most common issue students who are in their first year of college are faced with. However, with time, you will most definitely become more careful with what you put on your schedule.

Social skills

Graduating from university involves getting group projects done within short time frames. Knowing how to collaborate with others is crucial no matter what field you work in. Building strong social relationships can make one’s life a lot easier. There will always be that person who achieves success before the rest of the pack, so you never know how you can benefit from being highly connected with your fellow students. That one person you never talk to during class brakes might be a potential business partner.

Learning never ends

Personal development involves continuous learning. The more you learn, the more you realize how important mental stimulation is for self-growth. But still, a considerable amount of graduates stop the process of acquiring knowledge as soon as they pass the final exams. This is the part where I believe that the educational system fails.

Budgeting skills

Dorm life is tough, as far as money is concerned. People in their early twenties tend to overspend, and college students make no exception.

At some point in your life, you might face serious financial problems, so knowing how to get around when you live on a tight budget is remarkably useful. Have you ever asked yourself how many successful entrepreneurs learned during their college years how to keep a sharp eye on their finances and how to invest money wisely? Believe me, a lot.

Critical thinking

Formal higher education builds the foundation for an analytical way of thinking. Having enhanced problem solving skills will make you less vulnerable to falling prey to scams and persuasion.

Take on challenges

If you are hesitant in front of challenges, chances are you will never reach your life goals. Students who get involved in projects and apply for internships increase their future employability with every single extra-curricular activity they participate in.

Working in a professional environment while being supervised by experts is a great way to expand one’s horizons and learn the ins and outs of working in a company. Maybe such an experience will lead you to the conclusion that one would be better off being self-employed, rather than putting time and effort into growing someone else’s business.

Dealing with criticism

Knowing how to embrace negative feedback is a sign of professionalism and intellectual maturity. Furthermore, it is a truly valuable skill that those aiming for highly paid managerial position should master.

Most people tend to get emotional when they are faced with constructive criticism. College instructors teach students how to see a complicated situation from different angles, which increases one’s capacity to reflect judiciously on the quality of his work. As a result, college graduates have a higher ability to embrace criticism and regard failures as learning opportunities.

Solving conflicts

Inevitably, conflicts will arise at some point between students who share the same dorm. Having to deal with such situations will make you a more tolerant, open-minded individual. In order to live in harmony with your roommates, you will need to get rid of bad habits and learn how to respect other people’s life choices.

Extrinsic motivation is useful

When intrinsic motivation shrinks due to fear of failure, extrinsic motivation will get you back on track. Many who choose self-teaching over college degree fail because they lack discipline and can’t find the mental strength to regain motivation when they lose it.


College life will boost your multitasking capabilities. Most of the time, you will have to handle multiple projects with tight deadlines.





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