6 Struggles Empaths Understand (And That’s Why You Should Appreciate Them)

Lets face it, irrespective of all the technological advancements that have been made in the recent times, the man today feels more alone than ever. Depression has become a common words and a lot of people are easily discouraged and are left in states of dismay and despair. Empaths often fall into this category because they are so into other people’s feelings that they are vulnerable to the same emotions those people are feeling. Memories for instance, can be a cause for inspiration or despair, and can make you joyous or sad. Empaths don’t easily experience things and forget them – they hold onto them, and good or bad, they influence empaths.


Empaths Can’t Cut Themselves Off

Being so tuned in to other people means that empaths need time to recover after events. This is because after listening to people’s stories, they can’t cut themselves off – they feel totally immersed in the feelings of the people they have been socializing with and feel as if they have to bear the load. Some of the other struggles that empaths deal with are –

1.         They become everyone’s dumping ground – always sympathetic to the problems of others, other people always offload their problems on empaths, who become so involved, the problems end up being theirs.

2.         At a party, empaths often become involved in draining conversations and the negative emotional energy of others, and that, combined with pounding music puts the empath into nervous system overdrive. Back ache, stomach ache and hot flushes tell them its time to quit the party.

3.         Empaths often appear to be moody and depressed but this is because they have difficulty with releasing- and disconnecting themselves from the negative energy remaining in their minds and bodies. The empath is often someone with sinus problems because of this emotional energy.

4.         Empaths are often blamed for lacking mental and physical energy, but this is because of their intense empathetic ability to understand others. Insomnia, fibromyalgia and headaches are often part and parcel of the empaths lifestyle and they are seen to be lazy, preferring to watch TV or take a nap.

  1. Empaths often don’t have boundaries. For instance they don’t know when to offer a certain amount of help and then to back off. Instead they take on far more responsibility then they should be doing because boundaries have become blurred and they can’t say no.

    6. Empaths often allow for overactive empathy in certain places. They enter buildings and take on the energetic frequencies within that place. If they enter a police station, all the anger and desperation, the negative energies become part of them so that they feel hopeless, desperate and sad. They need to learn how to switch off their empathy.

    Empaths Need to Restore their Equilibrium

    To combat overwhelming feelings, empaths need to protect themselves, and meditation and yoga are just two therapies which can help to keep the empath balanced.





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