How To Promote Your Side Gig Online – And Really Generate More Income

Quite a number of customers and clients will be needed in order to make your business a successful one. On that account, your business cannot develop and prosper if only a few people know about its existence. Promoting your business becomes the ultimate solution, since promotions will raise awareness in different groups of people about your business and what it has got to offer. Such need to promote your business still exists despite the fact that it is only a side gig – you know you are more passionate about it compared to your current full-time job.


One of the most promising media to market your side business would be the Internet. While traditional old-fashioned methods such as direct mail marketing or leaflet printing may still be popular for small businesses, marketing through the internet can be more beneficial since your target audience would be very widely ranged and covers almost everyone in its entirety. With the right online marketing strategy, your business will thrive and flourish in no time. Avoid spending too much money in the beginning because you can obtain the same level of result by utilizing a lot of cost effective marketing options. As a conclusion, here are some ways to promote your side gig online which will really generate more income and give you the success level that you have always been dreaming of:


Send E-mails



One of the easiest ways to promote your side business online, especially when you are just starting out, would be to send the right email to your circle of family, friends and relatives. Think carefully about what you are going to write in the e-mail and make sure that all necessary details are included. Cut through the red tape, be straightforward and keep it simple because otherwise there is a high chance that your family, friends or relatives may get confused about what you are saying if you keep on beating around the bush. Read business e-mail example and strategies online if you do not feel confident with what you have written as a draft. Ensuring that all details are included in your message will also help you to avoid sending more and more follow-up e-mails. As a result, people will not be bothered to receive your message, and they will let other people know about your business and services.


Moreover, you should also contemplate on your target market and what strategy it is that you want to apply to your family, friends and relatives. You can ask your family, friends and relatives to directly purchase your service, or you can send your e-mail with the purpose of getting them to pass the word along. In anyway, your e-mail should clearly contain what business or services that you are currently offering and what would be the price range that you are going to charge to such business or services. If you have yet to receive any reply or order, do not terrorize your family, friends or relatives with a lot of follow up e-mails because they are doing you a favor and therefore you should not ask them to bite more than they can chew.


Set Up A Website


Having a strong online presence has now becoming a business must-have rather than just being an advantageous marketing strategy. By having a website, you will be able to reach people through the help of search engines, directory listings as well as various social media in just a few keyboard typing away. If you have a website, your potential customer or client will be able to easily find out about you and your business after a quick Google search. It allows them to conveniently access your information, find ways on how to contact you and be aware of upcoming promotions or events.


In building up your website, you have the options of either doing it from scratch by yourself, using a do-it-yourself template builder or you can hire someone to really create a professional website for you. If you are lacking in technological knowledge and ability, you may consider to hire someone else because it will be complicated and time-consuming if you decide to do it on your own. However, do consider that there are low cost do-it-yourself website platforms which allow you to create a website using the given available templates, in which the payment has already included a domain name and web hosting service in the package. A website needs to have a host on a web server to make it accessible to other internet users. The hosting process typically consists of housing, serving as well as maintaining the files to enable your potential customer and client to see your website contents.


If you are still confused about the whole website setting up process, you may want to read more about it on the internet or if you have the money, you can always hire a professional to build your website for you. Be aware that a web developer and a web designer often takes place in two different individuals, although these jobs are not mutually exclusive to each other. Pick a website which matches with your budget and needs, and make sure that you inquire all the necessary questions about the website design and details to the professionals whom you have hired to do the job.



Market Through Social Media



After you are done with setting up your website, the next thing which you should do would be to start expanding your online presence through social media. Social media has been claimed to be the best method to showcase your goods and services, especially if you are committed in attracting potential clients and customers with the use of attractive and tasteful visual images. Social media can also serve as an excellent platform for you and your customers to interact, although there may be several social media promotion guidelines and strategy which you may want to learn before you are bombarding your followers with your products and services. Do not forget to engage with your customers because sharing your ideas and values with your customers while learning about their opinions will actually improve your business significantly in the long run.


Make sure that social media also helps you to be found easily. One of the ways of enhancing your accessibility would be to use hashtags in your captions especially if you are posting through Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Hashtags can be a really important strategy for you to reach out to your customers, because they would not have to know the name of your brand or company in order to find you. However, avoid putting too many hashtags in your caption because it will look unpleasant and confusing.


Select Different Marketplaces


If you are selling actual physical products you can also sign up in different marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon in order to meet potential customers who are looking for your product. Unlike putting up products in your own website, these online marketplace platforms already have their own customers and hence you do not need to direct traffic to make people see and buy your products or services. As a result it would be easier for you to get more income from there because you only need to make sure that your product looks good and attractive enough for them to buy. Do not be afraid to try out different marketplace networks because each of them has their own plus and minus, and therefore it takes time to really figure out which one that will generate the most income for you and your business. Bear in mind that since these online marketplace platform really makes use of product photos without allowing customers to really feel or touch your products, you need to be certain that you have all the resources needed to create a professional and aesthetically pleasant images.





Even though you run your business online, networking is still pretty important because you need partners in finding the things that you cannot provide for yourself. Although you have indirectly networked your business out through sending e-mails and interacting with social media, however there are a lot more ways in which you can use the internet and technology to network and really boost your side business. You can set up a business profile in LinkedIn or Google+ to reach out to people whom you think will be a valuable connection for you and your business. You can join entrepreneur forums which are suitable to your business category. You can also take advantage of the internet to be your word-of-mouth promotion platform, and for that reason you need to build a good reputation so that people can actually talk about the goodness of your business and services instead of complaining about it. Download some networking apps to enlighten you with new networking ideas and opportunities. Do not forget to interact and network with the clients and customers as well, because if you are able to keep them happy it will be guaranteed that new customers will keep on coming and coming.



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