Science Says Insecure People Are Creative Geniuses

It would seem difficult to believe that insecurity can help promote the creativity portion of our brains and our personalities. New research is suggesting however, that those people who find themselves doubting their accomplishments, thinking that they aren’t good enough, they are the ones who tend to be more creative. Here’s why.


Research that when you are worrying about a project or doubting your abilities, your brain switches to panic and fear mode much quicker. In this mode, neurons fire that help to open the creativity parts of the mind for you to look for a solution to the problem at hand, whether it is a physical threat or something perceived like illnesses and energy. Because of this panic mode by your brain, you work much harder to find a solution to soothe your brain and help dissipate the perceived threat.


When you are cheerful, and happy-go-lucky, you do not ponder smaller worries that might lead to these huge breakthroughs. You tend to shrug your shoulders and forget about them, while someone who is insecure and worrisome would take them and find a solution that ends up being a breakthrough.


Insecurity can lead to many negative feelings about self that are hard to shake. It seems rather obvious then that when you are feeling insecure, you would seek out behaviors that counteract these negative feelings. This may be how performers channel the insecurities they feel into incredible performances or works of art. By attempting to go above and beyond their own perceived feelings of negativity, they actually raise their level of creativity and inspire us with their performance. What sets apart the insecure people is that the person does not see these great performances as great. Being insecure, they are unhappy with the results, regardless of what others are able to tell them. They need to go bigger, perform better, anything to try and satisfy the insecurity that they are not good enough. For those people that are secure, an accomplishment might be enough, but when you are insecure, nothing is.


Still, it is hard to imagine great actors, writers, artists, or musicians not knowing that their work is incredible, especially those that have received praise from critics and when given awards. But sadly, these creative geniuses have spoken before about their feelings of self-worth and the constant struggle with insecurity and worry. Not all creative geniuses are worriers or insecure to a fault, but the personality trait is much more common in those we find to be creative than not. The real or perceived worry is enough to open their brains to new ideas and processes that may not have been thought of before. Even when this happens, insecurities often get in the way and push creative geniuses to another level when they expect better from themselves. We have come a long way with breakthroughs one after another on the shoulders of those that we would have never thought doubted their own ability to change the world.


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