Fixing Viral Mistakes: How to Deal With Negative Online Reviews


Going viral creates a lot of great things for every company, no matter what type it is. However, if not carefully handled, it can cause potential damage and a lot of consequences, especially to small businesses. While a lot are hoping for at least one of the social media endeavors will create a result of surging popularity, most ignore the fact that reviews which talks about negativity have a really equal chance of attracting the eyes of billions.


These negative reviews or viral mistakes can spread as fast as you can ever think of. Although there is completely no way to prevent an outbreak, just consider these steps to lessen the damage caused.


Be Proactive


Given the fact that nothing has gone viral, this will be the best time to check the status of your affairs with your current clients and ask suggestions on how to improve the services and products of your business. By listening to your clients, you can have that feeling of assurance that all of the mistakes, if any, have been handled smoothly. The key to having a successful business is making your clients happy. Make sure they are.


Truth Be Trusted


The purpose of your clients are more than just keeping your business alive; these clients or customers act as your guardians when it comes to your reputation, as long as, you always offer services with consistency. The actions of your business – how you handle your clients or how you maintain the quality of your services and product – will speak louder than you can ever think of. Always remember that people are watching your every move, strive to give good quality and the viral mistakes or negative reviews will just go away.


Never Feed It


Bad reviews are inevitable in the realm of the Internet. You can never avoid these reviews since these are rights of every internet user. What is important is how you respond to these criticisms. It may be assumed and portrayed that client’s look up to companies with mediating voices when it comes to bad reviews. Whenever a company answers those criticisms with unprofessional responses and profanities, viewers will surely express their outrage by sharing and sharing these bad reviews with the people they know.


When someone is enraged online, the best thing to do is to try having an offline conversation with him. It will give others the impression that you are listening to the concerns, you are attentive and you take importance on what other people say about your business. Try to be proactive.


Take The Responsibility


You should always remember that laziness and exploitation is never good for your business. You need to learn how to take responsibility and not depend it to your employees or other people. If you commit a mistake, take the responsibility immediately with the client and make things right before anything else will destroy your business’ reputation.


When something goes wrong, remember to listen and be sincere whenever your customer is voicing out his or her complains or suggestions. Think of the different reasons on why something went wrong, then think of the remedies and do it.





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