Secrets to Leveraging LinkedIn to Market Your Business

LinkedIn is one social network that is for the more professional side of things. It’s not often the go to social media for marketing. It does however have a lot of potential to get you leads for your business. Here are some of the secrets to leveraging your business on the LinkedIn platform.


A Winning Profile

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a good profile. You want a great picture of yourself and information that is current. Outdated information will make people think you aren’t active. Don’t make it too long and make sure the information is about your business. It’s okay to add a little bit about yourself, but you want to make sure that’s not all you add.

Use the Tools at Your Disposal

You should use the tools that they offer you to expand your reach like being able to post blogs and share them. These blog posts will reach a lot of different people in several industries. It’s a great way to get leads and network. You can share your knowledge about the industry you’re in. Just make sure to only post new and interesting content that is relevant. No one wants to read regurgitated articles they can find online. If you are sharing something someone else wrote make sure to give them credit. You don’t want someone to think you’re trying to copy other people’s work.

Make Connections

You have to make connections with other business people, but you want to make quality contacts. Only add people relevant to your business so you don’t waste someone’s time connecting with you. It’s a little more selective making friends on LinkedIn than it is with Facebook. Reach out to people on LinkedIn by sending them a message and letting them know why you want to connect. This way you aren’t just adding someone for the sake of it and they understand the reason you think a connection between the two of you would be a good idea.

Try to Stay Active on the Site if you Can

You need to stay active for a couple of reasons, but the most important is to stay on the radar of your contacts. They are going to remember you if they see you a lot. Like and comment on other people’s posts to remain active. The other reason is so you don’t look like you are just signing on to add people and try to sell them on your business. You have to build a relationship with people first. It’s about networking and really getting involved in the world.

When you use these tips to find more people on your LinkedIn account then it can easily become your favorite social media. Once you learn how to use network with people on the site LinkedIn then it can become the best resource for your business and the best place to meet people who can help you move forward.


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