7 Steps to Create Your First Small Business Website


In today’s generation, each and every entrepreneur whether they are engaged in a small business or home-based business, the presence of the Internet is always a must. If you have not yet created a business website, you should probably make it a goal this year that you should make one. Aside from exposure, you will also get a lot of loyal and valuable customers through this site.


Here are some of the steps in order for you to create a small business website.


Decide Your Purpose


Before you create a website, it is best if you ponder thoroughly the purpose of your website because this will hold you when things get rough. You need to know what you are going to do when you have your website set up. Also, credentials and services should be thoroughly thought of so that you can attract more clients to your site. Providing articles and other useful information to your potential clients will also help in the success of your business website. You can either choose to start a simple blog or a site that will show your clients everything they want to know.


Web Content Management


You have various choices when it comes to having a web content management. A lot of this software is free of charge and minimal costs if you want some add-ons to the software. You can either go for E-commerce, Joomla, or WordPress. Examples of free e-Commerce software or applications are VirtueMart, OpenCart, Magento, and osCommerce. For Joomla, you can visit their Community Showcase or Joomla’s Extensions Directory for more information. Although WordPress is somehow similar to Joomla, you can get many plugins using this application.


Web Host


You need to know the perfect web host for your business website. This will depend on what kind of software you used. Aside from the software, your web host will also depend on the number of visits and speed you want to receive. If you are just starting, you can start with various web host which is less expensive and having less powerful shared hosting services in order not to create too much pressure on your site.


Plugins And Template


Once you are done in choosing the perfect software and web host for website, it is now the time to start thinking about the features that will be presented on your site. With WordPress and Joomla, you will be able to pick from a wide array of templates that will justify your purpose on why you chose it. Some of the templates may be generic and others have a built-in feature that can attract you and your clients. It is just a matter of right choice.




It is always best that you organize your website and make it friendlier to users. No one wants to visit a site that will only give them problems on how to maneuver things. You should careful think about how your website would look like and how your clients will be able to maneuver through your site. Never forget to include your business logo and other visuals that will attract your clients. Make sure that you have an easy and comprehensible menu selections and sufficient amount of pieces of information in order to avoid further questions from your clients.




Never underestimate development when it comes to your website content. Most of the reasons why people stay on a website are because of the catchy and unique web content presented by the website owners. You can include images of your product, stock art graphics, headshots of your employees, or other graphics which can give interest to your clients.


Maintain Your Website


This is the most important of all. You should never forget to make efforts on the maintenance of your website so that your clients won’t be reading or looking at the same items or products over and over again. Look for glitches and make sure that these are taken care of by your staff members as soon as possible.




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