How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Everyone is using social media these days, and therefore it would be almost foolish to not take advantage of the fact. Businesses are quickly realising how much of an asset they can be, even B2B companies. If you are a B2B company, you may be thinking that social media is a waste of time since you are not necessarily selling to your average joe who is likely to spend their time on social media. But the truth is that more and more B2B companies are taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter and the like, and here are 5 ways you could too.


Get Started


Just in case you are starting from the scratch, let’s take things slow. First of all make a company page for your company on every social media platform that you can think of. Make sure that either you or someone else in your company is willing to take a certain amount of time every day to check these and update them often, many will probably be happy for the opportunity to do so. Begin to post and share content and get to know your audience.




Now that you have begun your online social media campaign, what on earth do you post? Well first rule is be original, nobody likes a rip off artist and if you are discovered to steal content chances are people will be put off immediately. Consider beginning a blog and sharing that content to your social media profiles. Other alternatives are creating videos to share, educational content that gives hints and tips and expert insight. Also historical posts gather a lot of interest, such as anniversaries of certain milestones for your company or even the world in general.




You should ideally try and attach at least one image or video with every post that you create. Pictures are worth a thousand words, after all. They’ll catch the eye immediately unlike blocks of text, and this way you could also draw attention of people outside of your industry if your images and posts are interesting enough. This gives you links to a whole pool of new potential subscribers.


Crisis Management


Things often do go wrong in the work place, and mistakes will crop up. However in these circumstances you could use social media to your advantage. Having someone ready on social media to respond to enquiries and to assist customers is a much more efficient and quick way than through phone calls alone, especially if your business isn’t necessarily large. You may originally be a little worried about having all queries and possibly negative comments available for the whole world to see, but if you respond in a professional manner, explain the situation and solve it without much trouble, it will actually work much better in your favour and people will appreciate your honesty.




You might not consider it immediately, but social media can also be a great way to keep up communication with your employees. You could post points for discussion, anything you might want an opinion on, or anything else of interest. Your employees could then even discuss amongst themselves, as long as they stick to certain rules of conduct you’ve enforced. You could even encourage them to post questions or interesting stories and facts about the company and images of the team at work, and make sure that they all reference your company in their profiles. The internet and social media is a great tool for businesses if used correctly. The world is changing.


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