What Procrastination Does to Your Body


Procrastination or waiting until the last minute approaches can really do something on your body the least you know of it. Most people, approximately 80% of the populations would tend to procrastinate first before getting the job done. If you have your assigned presentations, paper, or something else, the normal response of most individual is to procrastinate. It may sometimes feel gratifying, but you should never be deceived by its positive features because all it can give you is tension and stress which can create effects on your mentality capacity, as well as, to your health.


Men’s Health was able to illustrate in their video the possible things that may happen to your body every time you procrastinate. It would show that when a person normally procrastinates he actually places his body in a stage of high alert, it opens the body to experiencing tension, stress, or fight or flight state. Chronic stress caused by procrastination will soon lead to a whole bunch of worrisome health condition. However, you are not doomed yet; you can still make a change and improve things so as to avoid stress. Although there are times when obligations which are time-sensitive are unavoidable or becomes an inevitable aspect of your life, you can still try to inculcate within your routine any stress relieving techniques applicable to the type of schedule you have. Try dong things as soon as you have time so as to avoid any multitasking caused by procrastination.


What Do Procrastination Look Like


It is best that you should know what procrastination looks like or at least feel. Knowing fully whether you are in the stage of procrastination will help you stop it before it can get worst or you could prevent it as soon as you see it coming. The moment you know you have an assigned work or activity and you have ample time to finish it early or before the scheduled submission, when you ignore it, it will already be a sign of procrastination.


Stress Factor


Few people only know that procrastination is a definitely a stress factor in so many ways. It can make your wishes and plans fail instead of making it reach the point of fulfillment. The result of procrastination is chronic stress and other detrimental effects. It may seem helpful at first but in the end, you will soon realize that all of your work is stuck and you have no way to know where to start.


Threatens Happiness


Although procrastination will give you a temporary happiness at first because you are able to relax before you start your work, it will have negative effects in the end. Most procrastinators suffer because they crash their careers due to late submissions and other delays. Instead of enriching their potentials and reaching their goals, they end up crying at the corner of their room. The worst part is that they have no one to blame but themselves.


Other costs of procrastination are lost relationship, lost opportunities, loss of money, guilt, stress, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem.


The question now is why do people procrastinate and how can they put a stop on it. People normally procrastinate because they want to feel relax and worry free. Some may have continuing rebellion on different demands while others are just neurotically disorganized when it comes to the way they think. But how do they put a stop on it? First things first, they must get a hang of their insights. Procrastinators must know their preference and priority. Second, understanding the course of their behavior can also help because they will be able to control their actions. However, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to curing procrastination because it always needs discipline, control, and you have to not develop it as a habit.



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