Ask an Expert How to Declutter Your Home and Get Organized

Life is hectic for everyone. Gone are the days when the only job of women was to take care of the household chores and look after the family. In the tight economic world we live in today, both man and woman have to work, just to make the ends meet, and then when there is a time left to organize the home? The weekends? Well no, and the result? Before we know it, our desks are full of papers, books, files and pens and pencils. Our homes too become cluttered, with everything in its wrong place. Sometimes we even do a quick clean up job, and the area looks organized, until you open cupboard doors and see how years of clutter, dirt and mould come tumbling out. For many people, they’re just plain lazy, and the truth is that when you don’t care about your home, it’s a sign you don’t care about yourself.


Release a Load of Unwanted Baggage

If you’ve got clutter which is made up of sheer trash complete with dirty surroundings, it’s a reflection of the turmoil in your life, and you may feel lethargic, depressed, lack self-esteem and even be aggressive. Whatever your reason is for the clutter in your home and your mind, there are experts who can help you deal with it. Once they show you what to do, you’ll feel as though a huge, unmanageable load has been released from you, and you’ll feel light, motivated, enthusiastic and joyful.

If you just can’t find the time or the motivation to tackle your mess, a trusted expert can help you. A de-clutter expert isn’t out to get you and make you feel worthless. In a professional and kind manner they merely show you how to tackle your clutter and they show you how to set up easy and achievable systems to actually prevent the accumulation of clutter with regular maintenance.

If you don’t have lots of money to splash out on new shelves and cupboards to store stuff, they will show you how even the addition of some small little compartments, one or two small shelves can help to pack away tiny little nitty gritty pieces that you’re reluctant to part with. Did you know that even by rolling up t-shirts in a drawer as opposed to folding them can take up less space?

There’s a Deeper side to Clutter

De-clutter experts, who can often be feng shui practitioners, can help you tackle the dirty work. They offer more than just tips on how to get rid of debilitating mess – they help you get rid of the clutter in your mind, so that your attitude towards cluttering changes.

One expert said that ‘if you are blocked or stuck in one area of your life, your physical spaces will accumulate clutter that reflects that. An expert can help to clear away that blockage so that you can clear out your physical spaces and welcome in a flood of energy and revitalization.




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