Make a Mathematically Perfect Batch of Pancakes With These Formulas


Ahh, the pancakes – The world’s favorite treat, either as a savory snack or sweet dessert. If there is one snack, which is loved universally, it is none other than pancake. There may be thousands of ways to prepare it, but, everyone loves them. As with nearly all dishes and recipes, as mentioned above, everybody makes their pancakes a little different. Either through adding an extra ingredient or two, changing the measurements etc. Everyone has their own method, and everybody swears that their pancakes are the best. But what if there was a mathematically proven formula that could guarantee you the perfect batch of pancakes? Would you be tempted? I mean pancakes aren’t the most difficult thing to make granted, but imagine how great it would be knowing that you are able to produce (and boast about!) a perfect pancake?


The Formulas


The following formulas would help you to determine how much batter you’ll need overall simply, without any jargon or fuss. They’ll also provide you with the exact amount required for each individual pancake in the batch, just to make sure that you only serve the absolute best pancakes this side of the Pacific Ocean. Not only is this all impressive enough, but these formulas will even take into account the kind of pan your using, and also your preference in regards to pancake thickness! Amazing. These formulas were produced and tested by the University Of Sheffield’s Maths Society, and this is what they recommend.


Mixture requirements per pancake (in ml): (T X π X D^2) / 4

Total requirement of mixture (in ml): (T X π X D^2 x P) / 4


T = Preferred pancake thickness in cm

D = Diameter of Frying pan in cm

P = The number of pancakes you want


Whoever said that maths was both boring and unnecessary?!




Now of course many of us will look at these formulas and if anything be even more confused and clueless than we were before. Thankfully they have provided ways for the complicated calculations behind the scenes to be on our behalf, so all you need to worry about is what you’ll serve them with. You may head over to their website and utilize their special pancake calculator. This will not only work out the above for you, but will also show you how much flour, butter and any other ingredients you’ll need. Alternatively, you could also download the calculator as an Excel file and use it offline whenever you feel the need.


Now you have absolutely no excuse, every pancake you make should be produced with perfection. Go ahead and try to make the best batch of pancakes that you will ever have made, and better yet, you won’t even have any leftover batter that you have to deal with!


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