26 Facts About the Science of Love You May Not Know


Eye Contact Enhances The Feeling of Love

Simply because staring into another person’s eyes for a few minutes can actually increase the feeling of love and affection, more than holding hands or counting each other’s blinks.

Analyze and Discuss Romantic Comedies for Happier Marriage

As shown by a study done by the University of Rochester, that newlyweds who watch 5 romantic comedies per month and discuss them with their partners were less likely to get divorced within the following 3 years by 13 percent.

Romantic Comedies Do Not Cause People To Be Unrealistic About Love

Since another survey revealed that no strong relationship was found between frequently watching romantic comedies and believing in soul mates, love at first sight, and on the idea that love conquers all. Completely the opposite of popular belief.

Two-thirds of Americans Believe in Love at First Sight

A complete surprise, because regardless of what people may say but results of a survey involving 500 Americans from diverse backgrounds reveal that 2/3 of them believe in love at first sight.

Genetics May Play Significant Role in the Occurrence of Love at First Sight

Some scientists believe that humans are similar to several other animals including fruit flies when it comes to mating: they rely on the ability to determine whom to mate with based on genetic compatibility.

Married People Have Similar DNA

A study conducted by the University of Colorado examined the DNA of 825 married couples, where it was found that the DNA of these married people is more similar compared to the DNA of two total strangers.

Newlyweds Know About Their Marriage’s Survival Rate

One study published in 2013 proved that newlyweds possibly have an idea about whether or not their marriage will last. The study involves having the newlyweds to take a computer test every 6 months for 4 years, where their spouses’ pictures would quickly appear on the screen followed by a positive or a negative word like awesome or awful. They would then have to indicate whether the word was positive or negative, and eventually the reaction time indicated the level of their relationship satisfaction where couples who were able to identify negative words quicker reported higher marital dissatisfaction at the end of the experiment.

Lower Voice Indicates Attractiveness

Both men and women tend to speak in a lower voice when they speak to a member of the opposite sex that they consider attractive. This is contrary to popular belief which states that woman will speak in a higher pitch in that context.

Romantic Partner Reduces Pain

A study conducted by the University of California which involved mildly burning 25 undergraduate students in 2009 found that holding hands with their romantic partners or even just looking at a picture of their romantic partner has a pain reducing effect on women.

Love Is Similar to OCD

Because an experiment done to three different groups: people who recently fell in love and reported thinking for four hours or more; people with OCD; and a control group, shows that people who were in love actually have 40% less serotonin compared to the control group. To make the conclusion clearer: people with OCD appear to have decreased levels of serotonin in their brain.

Relationship-OCD is A Thing

A disease named as a Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD) actually exists. People who are diagnosed with ROCD tend to be enamored with relationships and spent a lot of time wondering whether their partner is ‘the one’.

Relationships And Cocaine Are Alike

Another thing that relationships have been compared to is cocaine. An experiment carried out in 2010 showed that the brains of the people who are in love and the brains of the people who have been using cocaine are very similar, because both release a huge level of dopamine.

Love Costs You Friendship

Another study from Oxford University conducted in 2010 stated that falling in love typically causes someone to lose two of their friends.

Sexual Imprinting is As Real As It Gets

Sexual imprinting refers to a phenomenon where people are more likely to choose partners who have similar features and bone structures to their parents, and this concept is actually supported by several studies.

Kiss Your Wife Before You Go To Work

Because a study conducted in the 1980s found that men who kiss their wives in the morning are actually less prone fewer car accidents and they are found to live a longer life.

Most Feminists Are In A Relationship

A 2007 study from Rutgers University found that women who support the concept of gender equality is more likely to be in a relationship than women who do not consider themselves as feminists.

Love Spreads To The Entire Body

A 2013 study in Finland reported that people feel love and happiness throughout the whole body when they were asked to identify different areas of the body to be associated with certain emotions.

Heartbeats and Dilated Eyes

Love leaves traces of physical symptoms, and one of which would be that women’s eyes tend to dilate whenever they are looking at someone who interest them sexually.

Being Healthy Is Sexy

The majority of women typically prefer men who have healthier immune systems, because it is related to higher level of testosterones. Hence, the immune system has been considered to be one of the important factors when it comes to attractiveness.

New Relationship New Nerve Growth Factors

Researchers from the University of Pavia found that in the first year of a romantic relationship, both men and women experience an increase in Nerve Growth Factors, which trigger adrenalin rush, renewed vigor as well as confidence. This results in things like butterfly in the stomach during the early phase of the relationship.

Blame Infidelity to Your Genes

Because numerous studies have suggested that infidelity is genetic. A gene known as DRD4 with a certain variation causes both men and women to more likely be considered as promiscuous and unfaithful in relationships.

Cheaters Are Easily Noticeable

In a 2002 study, a number of participants were asked to recall different faces of people who are given labels as cheaters or cooperators. The result showed that it was easier for most of the participants to recognize the faces of cheaters, where the researchers believe that cheaters actually have different appearances, making them easier to be remembered.

Kissing To The Right

In one study which involves 124 couples, it was found that the majority of the couples kissed by tilting their heads to the right where only 44 turned to the left. This may be caused by a certain genetic trait, although further research has been yet to be conducted.

Men Love Open Mouth Kisses

It was revealed that men prefer open mouth, messier kisses with more saliva and there is actually a scientific reason behind this preference. Saliva contains testosterone, and evolutionary science suggested that men actually want to put more saliva into their women’s mouth to increase sexual drive.

Happiness Gives Rise To Love

As said by psychologist Barbara Frederick, positive moments and emotions keep relationships going because love lasts to the micro moments of positivity resonance. However, caution needs to be taken because people can actually have “these moments” with everyone who can make them happy, as a result you can even fall in love with a complete stranger that you have just met.

Till Death Do Us Part

Science has proven that love can actually last. A 2009 research scanned the brains of a few new couples and a few couples who have been together for 20 years whereas these couples are shown pictures of their loved ones. The result? 10 percent of the older couples experience similar reaction to the younger new couples, signifying that their love have passed the ultimate test of time.





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