Wear Colors that Compliment Your Eyes and Skin Tone If You’re Going Bald


Whether or not you are shaving that head bald, or you just simply do not have a choice when it comes to your haircut, the way you look or how you dress can really give a certain help take the people’s attention off your bald head. Going bald would sometimes mean that you have lesser hair to contrast with the type of skin you have. If you get this feeling like you are a little conscious about what people show to you and how they glare at your appearance, Phillip Paoletta of the Effortless Gent suggests that you dress in a certain way that would complement what people would normally say about your bald head. You can wear colors that will match your eye color so that individuals will be drawn to your garments or clothing instead of your scalp. You can even create some contrast when it comes to your skin tone in order to hide that dome. For all those who have darker skin tone, it is best to wear light-colored clothing. On the other hand, for those who have lighter skin tone, it is recommended that you should wear darker-colored clothes. It won’t hurt if you want to add some accessories such as flashy earring or sunglasses.


However, it can never be denied that most guys have a fear of losing their hair. Accepting that a guy is bald is not that easy for them, but it is still one of the most interesting paradoxical circumstances wherein they learn to embrace the thing they fear the most and in the end, end up empowering and liberating their personality. The only downside here is that when it comes to style, most bald guys are usually at their disadvantage. Here are some of the tips to consider when you go bald.


Shave It Off Entirely


When you go bald, you need to buzz down everything. Shave every hair you have. Toupees and combovers were once a well know tools so look good when it comes to bald guys. However, this is no longer the case because style of today has improved and has disregarded most of the tools of the past. Instead of covering up your baldness, try to embrace it. You can go for a Jason Statham look or you can clean shave. Once you go for this look, people will notice that your appearance is cleaner compared to you having hair on your head. It is even manly looking at some point.


Clothes Picking


You should never forget to choose clothes that will complement your skin tone as well as your eye color. You can even add accessories to complement it more. Complementing your skin tone and eye color with the clothes you wear will help attract or draw additional attention to your eyes, instead of your bald head.


Facial Hair


Do some experimentation on your facial hair so that you can have some accent to your face. The right facial hair has the ability to add contract and give you an opportunity to create a variety of looks you want.




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