How Your Food Choices Are Influenced by Outside Factors


The truth is that obesity comes about because those people are eating more than they expend, but what is mind boggling for many people is shy some people get fat on the same amount of food that keeps others thin. And why do some people want to be eating more than they need? It has been discovered that the size of your plate as well as external factors and distractions will certainly influence how much you eat.

Certainly food plays an important part in the treatment of some diseases, and a diabetic for instance will have to keep to a strict diet even though they are on insulin. With the person suffering with gastric disorders, their food selections will be those that can be easily digested. Carbohydrates are often limited as they cause flatulence.

Bigger People, Bigger Portions

You just have to eat in a restaurant to discover that the plate sizes have become larger as well as the portions of food. Where once we all used to eat a single burger for take-aways, we are now able to choose triple-decker burgers. But that’s not all. Product packaging is a strong factor when it comes to choosing whether to buy a food item or not.

Studies have shown that attractive, eye-catching packaging influences are decisions significantly and that our grocery trolleys are made up of between 20 – 60% of impulse purchases – items we didn’t budget for but which attracted our attention with their must-have packaging.
The 21st century is fact paced and hectic, and there is always an audience out there looking for quick and easy ways to stave off hunger. These people know that the quick foods have built-in health hazards that will likely do them more harm than good and that the foods are deprived of essential nutrients. Outside factors such as deadlines, lack of time and the fast paced society in which we live certainly influences the food choices we make.

Culture, Social Class and Hollywood Culture

Our family’s culture, religions and other factors will determine our food choices. This is often seen in religions such as Judaism and Islam which have specific dietary laws. Cultures and beliefs are passed from one generation to the next and young children learn food preferences from their family, and people from the same culture share the same thoughts and feeling about food choices. Even people in different social classes eat differently. The Hollywood culture which stipulates that you need to be slim and beautiful to be happy plays a massive role in the food choices made by young people – both male and female.

Food choices are influenced by outside factors for sure, but whichever scenario we find ourselves in, our aim should always take responsibility for our health by making positive choices.


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