Victories Turns Your To-Dos into Battles, and Being Productive into Triumph

Everything is a bit more fun when you can use technology right? Our phones are with us all the time yet sometimes we utilize them to play Candy Crush more than we find ourselves using them to be productive. That’s where apps come into play helping us figure out how to live more productive lives.


Victories is an app that will turn those mundane to dos into a battle, a battle you must win. You can enter new conquests and then get them done being praised along the way for your bravery. Put everything you need to do into Victories and then check off your accomplishments as you go. It’s a great way to feel really productive and make sure you are getting the things done you need to both in your personal life and work life. It’s also a good app for students to make sure they are battling their assignments and getting them done as well.

Surrender or Make your way to Victory!

You can see the number of times you won or surrendered in the app for the week. Studies show that you are much more productive when you can actually see what you’re doing. Our competitive nature kicks in and we want to win the battle the best we can. Showing our to-dos as conquests puts a new spin on things. The best to-do apps are simple but turning them into a game makes it that much more fun, and that much more desirable to do. Who doesn’t want to fight an awesome war against laziness? The app is really simple to use and it makes it very easy to enter things in and then start getting them done immediately.

Innovative Thinking and Deadlines

Victories is an innovative to-do app and allows you to be productive. You can set deadlines and as you rack up more and more victories the app will keep track of it for you. Studies also show that most people work a lot better when they set a hard deadline for themselves. This is a way to make sure you accomplish a task in a decent amount of time. The app also helps those people who forget everything remember what they’re supposed to do. If you have a lot on your plate then you might not always remember everything, but the Victories app can make that a thing of the past. When you right it down and set reminders there’s no way you’re going to forget anything.

You have character levels and a little character on the app that should keep pushing you forward. When you rack up accomplishments you will find a sense of pride in how productive you are. While it all seems very simple, you’d be surprised what competing with yourself will accomplish. So wage war on your to-do list and feel great about getting things done with the Victories app. It’s time to get things done!



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