I Still Use Plain Text for Everything, and I Love It

Over the years, a lot of people have left the good old use of plain text and shift towards everything digital: to-do applications, writing application, notes applications and even mobile phone versions of productivity tools. Despite this current digital trend, a lot of people still rely on using plain text for a lot of things because of its numerous benefits that a modern app may not be able to fulfill. To save you the trouble of thinking too much about it, here are a few things that help plain text to stay popular despite of a really fierce competition level out there:



Plain text provides you a writing platform that is really similar to your little notebook that you always carry wherever you go: it allows you to write anything and everything. You can write a to do list, a poem, an essay, a list of your monthly targets, and basically everything else. Although some apps can also cater to this function, writing down in plain text does not require you to separate different types of writings into different apps or platforms. It helps you keep all of your spontaneous and brilliant ideas because you do not have to search for the correct app to write it while you are having your inspirational moments.


Plain text is omnipresent. It works on all types of operating system, on all types of mobile devices as well as laptops and computers and a wide range of applications can be used to read it. There will never be any file compatibility error message shown after opening your plain text file, and hence you can edit or read it flexibly whenever, wherever and with whatever. This is definitely a breath of fresh air to the often reoccurring errors and complications of apps. Not only that, there is also a possibility that you decide to use one app faithfully to do most of your tasks but one day it just decides to shut down. For that reason, a lot of people stick to using plain text because it is conveniently secure and flexible.


Plain text is amazingly simple in a good way. You can really quickly open a plain text app, write the things that you want to write and then close it afterwards without having to deal with tagging it or saving it into a certain format somewhere deep inside your computer memory maze. It is basically an empty sheet of paper turned into a software with the blinking text icon as your writing pen. This way you will be able to create any piece of writing that you want without having to spend a lot of time on doing so. Creating a to-do list on an application may actually take a while, because you will have to select its color label, tags, hierarchies, reminders, titles and everything.

In relation to this, a lot of people will never replace simplicity with modern features no matter how helpful it may be. A solid proof for this would be the existence of notebooks, as in the paper book which kids use to write at school or an agenda book or paper planners for that matter. The modern colorful features that apps nowadays provide can turn into a useless distraction rather than a helpful attribute in writing things down.


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