PSA: Quitting Apps on Your iPhone Will Not Improve Battery

Most iPhone users love to quit their applications with the hope that they can improve its battery life. The reason for this is really simple: most of the applications running in your phone’s background are either frozen in RAM or it is not running at all. This means that when they are in the background, the applications are not using any battery. You should take note that forcing to quit an application will only be necessary when glitch occurs. What kills your battery is not the app features itself, applications which are abusing the Background App Refresh, location services, and notifications are the ones responsible. This is the reason why you should conduct a monthly audit of your phone so that you can clear up all those unnecessary applications and notifications.


Here are a few of the ways on what and how you should do a monthly audit of your iPhone.


Private Settings


If you are the kind of person who normally taps the “okay” sign everytime a request from a certain app asks permission, it is best that you should do a thorough investigation on your private settings. In this section, you will be able to see location services, calendars, contacts, and many more. When you tap either of the sections mentioned, you will see all the applications that have asked permission from you to access these services. It is always noteworthy that you should go through these sections so that you will guarantee that only certain apps will have access to your contacts, calendars, or location services.


Most of these are pretty much self-explanatory. However, you should never forget to go through these sections every month since there are times that access to your location can really suck down the battery life of your iPhone.




Never forget to check your notifications. Push notifications are not only annoying when you are using your iPhone; it is also one of the most common battery killers. If you have not gone through all those notification, now is the best time to clean it out. There are even times when you have already gone through your notifications and there are still remaining apps which have snuck in there without you knowing it.


Background Applications


Aside from your notifications and private settings, you should also audit your background applications in a monthly basis just to make sure. If you are on iOS 7, it is always best that you should check out or go through the applications that want to run in your background. When applications in your iPhone are running in the background, it will normally have to suck a lot of your phone’s battery life. Make sure that when an app is running on your background, you have a beneficial reason on why it is running.




You should also clear out the app disk space of your iPhone, especially when it comes to those applications you no longer need. Once you feel that your iPhone is running slow, you should probably check this section because you are definitely running out of space.



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