7 Tech Startups Wanting To Change The Way We Shop


One in a while we go on our way to buy things we need, well in doing so most of us go to malls and stores to go shopping. Walking down that long and winding street where the hot sun is shining brightly on your head can often times become a stressful experience right? That is why numerous amounts of people have changed to the comfort of online shopping. So, join me in my quest to look at the interesting tech startups that want to change the way we shop online.


1.     Glovo

First in our list is Glovo, We’ve all heard about online grocery services that deliver food to us, but think about the possibilities of something that’ll bring you pretty much anything you want?

With this in mind Glovo is what you need to attain this goal; it is a Spanish start-up that provides an on-demand restricted delivery program that’ll allow its users to order whatever they desired to be delivered to their door steps within the hour, amazing right?

An example of which is that for instance there’s something in town, a dress perhaps, from a far away clothing store you really want but they don’t present an online delivery service, but then again it’s an outfit that you really wanted for your night out, but then your shift ends the same time as their shops close. With this problem Glovo can help you with ease.

2. Everywalk

Next is Everywalk, a Manchester-based tech start up that has decided that the worlds ready for an era of online shopping. Everywalk permits users to construct their very own unique high street in an offer to create some peace amongst the mounting number of online shops and bazaars.

You can attach all your much loved retailers into your ‘high street’ so that they’re all prearranged into a setting to be easily identified. The site recommends up a variety of leading and self-regulating brands and makes it really simple to find new products right there.

3. Gousto

One more built for handiness, Gousto was shaped when its creators Timo Schmidt and James Carter realized that people weren’t taking enough nutritious meals all through the week due to various reasons.

The brilliant idea that Gousto came up with is to give its patrons a healthy and balanced recipe of a dish each week and then send alongside all of the ingredients needed to make the dish to your door step so that you wouldn’t have any excuse not to make it. The business is all about adoptability and sustainability using fresh and organic produce, so you’ll know that it’s nothing but fresh ingredients used and is going to be marvelous dish.

4. “Of A Kind”

The concept of this store is being like a mix of Tumblr and online shopping but better, the persons responsible for this online store, Of a Kind, trust the best way to bond with your customers is to share to your buyers the story behind what you purchase. The site gives a thorough background behind each item being sold, conveying to the customers a bit of story about the group who made the merchandise.

5. ThirdLove

Now here’s something for the ladies, Thirdlove is an original new approach to bra searching and fitting. The procedure is pretty straightforward and can all be done by your iphone or android without having to go away from your house. Just take 2 pictures wearing a fitting tank top and the app will determine your ideal bra size, neat huh?

6. OakLabs

And finally on our list is the interactive Oak Fitting Room, it is a go-getting app and is eager to alter the way we go shopping online.

With the use of a touch screen mirror, patrons can interact to decide their inclination and order. Soon to set a launch at the Polo Ralph Lauren in New York City, clients will be able to become accustomed and amend their order even as they enter the fitting room.



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