How To Boost Your Creativity – 10 Tricks That Every Designer Should Learn

If you are a designer and need a little help with making your creativity even better than what it already is then this article is for you!



Everyone has creativity. We were born with it. It is that thing that helps us go into our imagination and play around in a fantasy world or helps us paint a picture on a canvas. Since there are so many uses for creativity, there are also many ways to boost it and make it better. These following reasons are ten great ways to boost your creativity!


Ways To Boost Your Creativity


Trick #1- Read Every Day!


Reading can be extremely overwhelming for some, especially when looking at a 600 page novel. Reading has the ability to open up your mind to new thoughts and ideas that you didn’t think were possible to have before. A fantasy novel could open up your mind to new-age medieval wear that didn’t exist before you decided to read. There is literally no limit to the library you could collect and the ideas that could come to your head. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to read a novel all at once just to boost your creativity, try reading just thirty minutes a day first or a chapter a day. Even taking this small step will have devastatingly amazing results.


A great book to read to generate new ideas is “Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll”. Carroll weaved a world full of creativity and whimsy that has kept his book on the shelves for many, many years. They are even making a movie out of his book that is set to appear in theaters this year!


Trick #2- Try New Things!


Going outside one’s comfort zone is never an easy thing. It can make you feel vulnerable and anxious. When you do the same thing over and over again, your brain begins to go on “autopilot” and the task can become dull and mundane. Since you already know what you are doing, there is no room to grow with it or take it one step further. For example, if you’re used to just staying on the computer for five hours a day to find creativity, try taking an art class at your local rec center or community college. You could meet new people, share new ideas and even find the perfect way to go about your own idea based on what you learn in this new environment. Give it a try, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Trick #3- Listen To Music Regularly


It is a known fact that Albert Einstein gave Mozart a lot of credit for how intelligent he turned out to be. When Einstein was a teenager, he found Mozart’s music and fell in love with the way he created his well known pieces. Music has a way of taking over your mind, body and soul and transporting you to a new location in your brain. Mozart became immortal because of his command of music and how he was able to string notes together to actually activate parts of the brain that we’re unable to access regularly. Today, music is used significantly in brain developmental studies and early childhood development.


In the case of childhood development, music stimulates the brain, emotions and the body all at the same time. Children needs to have all of these active throughout their early development so that they’re able to be creative, solve problems and do even something as basic as talk. Music has the power to change everything about you; you just have to give it a chance.


Trick #4- Meditate


Not everyone can meditate but if you’re able to clear your mind and relax for long periods of time then this is the best solution for you. When you focus intently on the movements, breathing techniques and poses you’ll come to realize that the stressful situations in your life aren’t as stressful as they appear to be. You can find awesome yoga classes at your local rec center or community college and you could even make some new friends to share ideas with! All you have to do is go outside your comfort zone, if you don’t already participate in yoga and meditation.


Trick #5- Solve Puzzles


Logic is definitely not everyone’s strong suit but it can be a big help in developing your creativity in new ways. It could even be as fun as just playing a video game! Video games are great in developing your motor skills as well as your creativity because of the puzzles and the beautiful worlds that are found in the games. You also don’t need to be a child to enjoy playing a video game; they’re great for all ages! You’d be giving your mind an opportunity to look at a scenario or problem from a different angle.


Trick #6- Consider ALL Of The Alternatives

This trick is as easy as taking a minute to think outside the box. Not everything in life has to be linear and straightforward, you can take the time to look at the problem from all of the angles. This basically means, don’t stop when you come up with your first idea, try coming up with multiple and find the best one out of all of them or combine them all together into one super idea! You never know what you will come up with unless you take the time and effort to do it.


Trick #7- Try To Solve The Problem On Your Own


It may seem like the easy way to figure out a problem is by asking for help…this is not always the case. In most cases it is better to try to figure it out on your own so that you can increase your own brain power instead of helping to increase someone else’s. When you rely on no one but yourself, you are forcing yourself to push your creativity to its limit to find the solution. No one is just going to hand you the solution of your problem, plus it will feel that much more rewarding when you finally figure it out! You have to expand your mind and get it into gear to get through any problem that life throws at you.


Trick # 8- Stay Positive


It is know that some artists made their best work in their darkest times. However, positivity is also a great tool to spur creativity on. Research has shown that thinking about love can produce powerful creative spurts and moods. Any mood boosting exercise you can think to do, exercising for example will do wonders for your art.


Trick #9- Daydream



Daydreaming causes you to go into your imagination when you’re bored or in a stressful situation. You can focus on an idea in a different way of thinking by seeing it in your head like a vision or an actual dream. However, it is important to recognize that daydreaming works the best when you’re already committed to a project. Why? Daydreaming is a way of collecting ideas in your head so it’s easy to jump from one idea to the next without a second thought.


Trick #10- Think About Others


Research has shown that being distant from others has an adverse effect on your creativity. It’s important to think about others often and draw from their strength to help get through your difficult project. One test in a study put participants in a situation where they were told that their ideas would be use by an outside source to create a story. Those who were told this came up with much more “creative” ideas than those who were not told. Even if you have no one that you’re creating the project for, it is important to think that other people will see your work as it boosts your creativity and your will to do a great job.


What Have We Learned?


Creativity is created from a multitude of different sources that humans are able to access at will by using different tricks and tips. By following this guide, I guarantee that your creativity will increase and the quality of work you produce will improve exponentially. Creativity is a key factor that helps to keep people in business, especially entrepreneurs. It’s important to know that creativity cannot be forced into action either; it must come from your own mind when it’s ready to. These tips are just ways to open your brain to the possibility of different ideas.


Whether you’re a designer, artist, musician or writer, these tips are able to be applied in almost any situation. You just need to have the willpower to get through the exercises and to actually apply them in reality. You must be committed to your work in order to succeed in the best way possible. Hopefully, these tips will help you in your work so that you can shine and make your dreams a reality.








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